What do you like about racing?

What do you like about racing?

I am more of a racer than a basher. For me I like going to the track and trying to run the perfect line and trying to make lap after lap as consistent as I can. I work on my cars so that they perform as good as possible but it’s not because I want to win. The better my car performs the more fun I have. I find it funny to find that people at my local tracks don’t believe that. They think that I’m there to win. Winning is an awesome side effect of running that good line and having the setup on your car right. What do you enjoy about racing? Hanging with your friends? Winning? Trash talking?

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Updated: August 24, 2011 — 4:56 PM


  1. I love being around friends and fellow racers. I enjoy seeing a youngsters eyes light up when they make there forst pass on the track. Its all about helping others for me. I help the local track with builds for big races. I enjoy seeing people have fun on a track I helped build. I have enjoyed meeting so many people over the years. I recently have been plagued with some health issues that made me think of getting out of the hobby, but my fellow racers all stepped up and helped me out by marshalling for me as well as anything else i need. That is what makes this type of racing better than any other is that people are willing to help you out anyway they can. I have given people so many parts as well as been given parts just so we could race. I have even given my entire car to younger people just so they could finish the day because parts werent available to fix theres. I enjoy seeing my daughter smile as she drives the slash in the kids class bouncing from pipe to pipe and not caring where she finishes just enjoys having fun doing it.

  2. Try to have the best line every week and test new thing

  3. I would like to race but there is not enough organization skill let alone time for people to get together. I usually bash with my kids in front of the house and love getting beat by my 11 year old boy who is out performing me now. (almost). Wish I could figure out the channels to goto so that my city would fund a spot for a track..

  4. i wish i could have that experience there are not many tracks near where i live except for a micro track

  5. I like racing because I like competition. I like seeing my progress and learning as much as I possibly can. The people are cool and the other racers are usually really helpful. I like trying new cars/trucks. I also like to tinker around and try out different parts to see if they improve my lap times. I like being around anything RC. I like seeing what other setups people are trying out, seeing a new body with fresh paint, talking about what tires are working that day, trying to fit a cheeseburger lunch in right before the first qualifiers. I like rooting for my friends, and seeing them win. I like when I help a newbie and the results show in better laptimes and more overall laps. I like watching a turn marshal do their best “gazelle” impression while trying to dodge and turn a car/truck. I love RC and racing RCs is an accelerated way to learn a lot really fast. Instead of going on a forum and asking questions, I can ask a friend and get the hand-on approach instead of trying to decipher some sort of code and acronym on a forum post. I’m an addict…. that’s about it!

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