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Watch Santa Blast His Bike Into a Wall at 120mph [VIDEO]

Watch Santa Blast His Bike Into a Wall at 120mph [VIDEO]

We’ll watch anything crash in slow-mo, including these toys. Where else are you going to see Santa ride a motorcycle straight into a wall at 124mph? Stick around for more plastic carnage, but fair warning: it’s downright gruesome when Barbie and her pal get blasted into toy heaven–to the tune of Silent Night, no less. Yeesh. The good news: their Dalmation appears to escape unscathed.

Tip: if you’re watching on a desktop, you can use the comma and period keys to watch frame by frame. Pause the video, then use comma to frame back, and period to frame forward.

H/T Sploid

Updated: December 2, 2017 — 1:08 AM
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