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VP Pro Air Filters

Text by Eric Miller

So, you’re in the middle of an intense hour long main and running hard. What’s the last thing you want to worry about? Yep, that’s right, your air filter. It’s a critical piece of equipment, but the majority of us tend to not give it much thought. We clean and oil our filters before races, but rarely give it any more attention than that. 

Stock air filter foams aren’t terribly resilient and can get fairly tired after a decent run or two, especially in wicked race conditions. The last thing you want is for those tiny dust particles to get inside your engine and wreak havoc on your expensive investment. You could go out and pick up a bunch of stock spares and just replace them after every race. Or, you could seek out some quality filters from VP Pro. I did the latter and won’t be regretting that decision. 

VP Pro offers air filters for a number of rigs, including Losi, Mugen, X-Ray and Ofna to name a few. The formula starts with some quality high-density foam. They are then shaped with function in mind; as much flow as possible. They’re made in a two-stage design with larger outer and smaller inner foam. So, you get protection from everything from larger particles all the way to ultra-fine dust. Your engine will be happy and running well even in the nastiest conditions. The filters are sold in packs of 10 and purchased for about $20. Spending only $2 per filter is pretty cheap insurance. The filters are made with specific cars in mind, but I found them to be fairly universal and fit other 1/8 scale applications as well.  

In a few minutes after opening the packaging, I had a filter oiled and installed. I took my truck out in the morning and set out to tackle some pretty gnarly conditions. It had recently rained and there were some muddy spots, so I knew the filter would get a workout. I ran a number of tanks of fuel through my rig before calling it a day.  I packed up my mud-laden truck and headed back home.   

Back at the workbench, it was time for some inspection. After breaking my truck down for cleaning I finally got to the engine. I removed the air cleaner and was happy to find a nice, clean carb. I removed the filter elements, washed away the dirt and let them dry. After cleaning some of the other parts, I returned to the now-dry filter.  The foam was a little discolored, but still felt springy to the touch. It didn’t seem to have much wear and wasn’t loose when I reattached it to the air cleaner assembly.   

While I didn’t notice any improvement in performance, I was rewarded with peace of mind. The clean carb was evidence of the filter doing exactly what it was supposed to. The fact that it felt solid after a day of abuse and a cleaning was further proof that it’s a quality product. I would easily recommend VP Pro air filters over and over again. 

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Updated: November 22, 2010 — 1:18 PM

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