This Is the Most-Viewed RC Car Video On YouTube [VIDEO]

This Is the Most-Viewed RC Car Video On YouTube [VIDEO]

If you do a search for “RC Car” on YouTube, and sort the results by views, the video below comes out on top as the most watched with 119 MILLION views. And it’s only been up for a year! Second highest view count? That would this Dude Perfect/Traxxas collab with 67M views, which has had a full THREE YEARS to collect eyeballs, and it’s not like the DP guys don’t know how to get views.

What sorcery is this? It’s a nice video and all, but dayum.

If we search “Mud Truck,” the video below is also the top-viewed clip–RC, full-scale, or otherwise. Let’s try searching “Jeep.” Surely the brand power and marketing muscle of the best-known 4X4 on the planet is pulling in more views. NOPE. Aside from this atrocity, the top view-getter for “Jeep” is this stuck-Jeep clip, which has a thumbnail of girls in bikinis–but still pulled in “only” 51 million views, and took four years to do it. Maybe we’re sleeping on the Land Rover aspect here. Wrong again; the top view-getter for “Land Rover” is still the video below, and the second-place finisher with 18M views isn’t even a video of the real thing–it’s an Android game! Is “stuck truck” the secret sauce? The top view-getter for those keywords put up 51 million views in three years. Impressive, but a far cry from the 119M video below.

Anyway, enjoy the video while we continue to try and crack the code.

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Updated: December 6, 2018 — 8:33 PM
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