Venom Late June Releases

Venom Late June Releases

Available Now, Venom Hop-Up Parts for the 1/10 Gambler RTR Short Course Truck.

Venom is proud to introduce its full line of Gambler factory hop-up parts. Whether you’re a racer or a basher, these parts will provide additional tuning options for increased performance and durability. Machined from highgrade Aluminum and Titanium alloys, these parts give you the same look and performance edge usually reserved for factory-sponsored drivers.

8598 Alloy Front Pivot Block $14.99
8600 Ball Diff $54.99
8601 7075T6 Pivot Balls $9.99
8602 Alloy Wheel Hubs Front $24.99
8603 Alloy Wheel Hubs Rear $24.99
8604 Alloy Swing Arm Front $29.99
8605 Alloy Swing Arm Rear $29.99
8606 1/8th Scale Wheel Adapters $39.99
8607 Alloy Steering Arm Set $44.99
8613 Ti Hinge Pin Set $24.99
8614 Option Mid Motor Plate $29.99
8616 Ti Steering Kingpin Set $6.99
8617 Ti Turnbuckle Set $54.99
8618 Ti Hinge Pin 26mm(2) $6.99
8619 Ti Hinge Pin 35mm(2) $6.99
8620 Ti Hinge Pin 54mm(2) $6.99
8621 Ti Turnbuckle 71mm(2) $17.99
8622 Ti Turnbuckle 78mm(2) $17.99
8625 Alloy Front Pin Support $9.99
8626 Alloy 3Deg Toe-In Block Front $9.99
8627 Alloy 3Deg Toe-In Block Rear $9.99
8628 Alloy 3.5Deg Toe-In Block Front $9.99
8629 Alloy 3.5Deg Toe-In Block Rear $9.99
8630 Alloy Steering Knuckle Set $24.99
8631 Alloy Rear Chassis Plate (Mid) $49.99
8632 Alloy Rear Chassis Plate (Rear) $39.99
8634 Alloy 1.5 Toe-In Rear Sub Set $24.99

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Available Now! Stealth Super Moto Tires and Inserts for the VMX 450 RTR Dirtbike.

Take the raw power and drivability of your VMX 450 Dirtbike to the streets. Convert your VMX into a high performance on-road street machine with the Venom Stealth Super Moto Tire and Insert set. Special hard foam tire inserts were developed to give the proper tire contour and contact patch for optimum performance on asphalt and concrete. Scale wear indicator strips add to the realism and help with traction in wet conditions.

0480 Stealth Super Moto Tire/Insert Set $24.99
0488 Stealth Super Moto Insert Set (Hard) $9.99
1171 Stealth Super Moto Rear Tire $12.99
1172 Stealth Super Moto Front Tire $10.99
1178 Stealth Super Moto Rear Insert $5.99
1179 Stealth Super Moto Front Insert $4.99

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | Venom Late June Releases

Available Now, Venom Hop-Up Parts for the VMX 450 RTR Dirtbike.

Take the performance and looks of your VMX 450 to the next level with Venom’s line of factory hop-up parts. These machined high-grade Aluminum alloy and Steel hop-ups are sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Whether its upgraded suspension kits, superior braking packages, alloy body mounting or gyro performance modifications, Venom hop-up parts give you the custom looks and competitive edge you need.

0472 Nylon Guide Wire Set $9.99
0473 Front Disc Brake Kit $34.99
0475R Alloy Triple Clamp Set – Red $29.99
0475T Alloy Triple Clamp Set – TI Grey $29.99
0476R Alloy Body Post Set – Red $5.99
0476T Alloy Body Post Set – TI Grey $5.99
0504 Heavy Duty Alloy Gear Support $13.99
0518 Alloy Rear Shock $24.99
0520 32T Option Rear Sprocket $14.99
0521 Wheelie Bar Wire $4.99

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