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Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit

Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit

Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit

From Traxxas:
Build Your Own TRX-4 Sport Crawler!

The Traxxas TRX-4 series leads the way as trail-trucking’s top-performing, most innovative 4X4s. Whether you’re a casual trail cruiser or one of RC off-roading’s most demanding enthusiasts, nothing beats a TRX-4—except for the TRX-4 you build yourself. The new TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit lets you do just that. Build it your way, for your terrain and your off-road mission. Experience the TRX-4’s superior engineering up close as you put its premium parts together, and finish it off with a full assortment of included accessory options. Expedition Rack, snorkel, spare tire mount, LED-ready grille and tailgate panel—you’ll find all these and more right in the box. You choose the power system and radio gear, or transfer your setup from another model—the options are endless.


The TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit is loaded with scale accessories that make it easy to create a realistic rig that looks great in action. You choose the paint scheme for the clear body—wild or mild, the modern pickup styling is ready for your personal touch. No need to reach for body scissors though, Traxxas does the trimming for you.

Expedition Rack

A place for all your stuff! The Expedition Rack has an authentic mesh-top-and-tube-frame look, and the rack reinforces the body as it enhances scale appearance. Integrated mounts make it easy to add the included scale accessories, and there’s tons of space up top for all kinds of custom gear you create or select yourself. Installation is easy, and included stick-on templates show exactly where to place the mounting holes for a hassle-free install.

Scale Accessories

Everything you need to detail-out the TRX4-Sport body is right in the box. That includes realistic bumpers with D-rings, a decorative winch, two fuel jugs, two traction boards, shovel, axe, jack, side mirrors, fire extinguisher and a snorkel. And since they’re by Traxxas for Traxxas, they fit like factory. Bolt ‘em up and hit the trail, or detail and weather them for even more realism. Do it your way!

LED-Lighting Ready

Traxxas makes it easy to add LED lights (sold separately). Detailed, injection-molded grille and tailgate inserts with clear lenses and reflectors fit the Sport body precisely for a factory look, with stick-on templates to perfectly locate the mounting holes. You’ll also find four built-in light mounts on the Expedition Rack to really put the blaze in trail-blazing. Get the #8085 LED Light Kit and all the required LEDs are prewired for easy installation.


Traxxas engineers designed the TRX-4 platform for peak trail performance, with innovative features that make it the most capable 4X4 no matter what kind of terrain you’re tackling. Here’s what the TRX-4 Sport kit brings to your off-road experience:

Class-Leading Portal Axles Class-Leading Portal Axles

This signature feature lets the TRX-4 stand taller than any other rig—literally. The portal design raises the main axle for more than two inches of ground clearance at the center pumpkin. That’s 20% (or more) extra ground clearance compared to straight axles. To get this kind of clearance with conventional axles, you’d need to install tires that are a full inch larger in diameter! The portal axles also raise the suspension links and increase gear reduction to virtually eliminate torque twist. The TRX-4 simply has the best axles on the trail.

Premium GTS ShocksPremium GTS Shocks

The Sport’s scale-diameter, machined-aluminum shocks are designed specifically for trail duty and uncompromised performance. Dual X-ring deals deliver smooth action that lasts, and the threaded bodies make it easy to dial in preload and ride height to suit the terrain. To maintain scale appearance, the o-ring-sealed cap threads into the body rather than over it. No other shocks look this scale—or perform this well.

Comp-Worthy Rubber

Trail drivers overwhelmingly agree: Traxxas Canyon Trail 1.9 tires in S1 Compound are some of the best treads you can put on your truck. Tuned foam inserts, soft-rubber, and directional treads with wraparound lugs offer superior grip, and the detailed sidewalls look great. The tires arrive ready to mount on aggressively styled, 1.9” 5-spoke wheels with beadlock detailing. Use #6468 Traxxas Ultra Premium Tire Glue—or upgrade to optional Method beadlock wheels and skip the glue.

Steel Rails & Links

The TRX-4 Sport is built for extreme duty with a 1.5mm steel ladder frame that spans bumper to bumper, and solid 5mm steel suspension links with extra-wide rod ends. These tough, terrain-proof parts are ready for the most challenging off-road adventures.


The TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit leaves power system and radio gear selection to you, so you can install a custom setup or transfer the electronics from another vehicle. We’ve put together a list of components engineered specifically for the TRX-4 with feature-packed equipment you need to bring out the your TRX-4’s peak performance. That includes…


  • TQi 2.4GHz 4-Channel High Output Radio System (6507R)
  • XL-5 HV 3S Electronic Speed Control (3025)
  • Titan 550 21-Turn Motor (3975)
  • 2075X Digital High-Torque, Metal-Gear Servo (2075X)

Optional Upgrades:

  • High-Torque 400 Red Servo (2255R)

TQi 2.4GHz High Output Radio System

The powerful #6507R TQi™ 4-channel radio has all the features you need for any TRX-4 build. Additional switches are at the ready to control T-Lock differentials and a High/Low transmission if you decide to add them to your TRX-4. The included Traxxas Link wireless module allows you to connect to your iOS or Android device and the Traxxas Link app, unleashing a huge array of features including a telemetry dashboard, full programmability of all channel settings, model management, and more. You can even add real-time inclinometers to put an actual degree reading on that insane climb your truck is conquering!

XL-5 HV Electronic Speed Control

No speed control is more proven than the XL-5, and the HV 3s version developed specifically for the TRX-4 has the capabilities you need for total control on the trail. In addition to the standard Sport, Training, and Race modes, the HV 3s also gets Trail Mode with drag brake, and Crawl Mode with Hill Hold. Want to add a 3-cell LiPo for greater power and wheel speed? The XL-5 HV is ready for the extra juice.

Titan 550 21-Turn Motor

The #3975 Titan® motor’s 550-size can houses larger magnets for more torque than 540 motors, and since it’s reverse-rotation from the factory, there’s nothing to set or adjust—just install and drive. The 21-turn armature is optimized for the TRX-4’s gearing, and an integrated cooling fan keeps the Titan running strong no matter how long you’re out exploring.

2075X Digital High-Torque, Metal-Gear Servo

The Traxxas #2075X servo is built tough for the trail. Metal gears and a heat-dissipating metal mid case handle all-day adventure without breaking a sweat, and there’s torque to spare with 125 oz.-inches of twist. No matter how challenging the terrain, the 2075X will keep the front wheels aimed where you want to go.


The TRX-4 Sport accepts a standard-size steering servo and 540-550 size motors, and the waterproof receiver box can hold any modern surface receiver. You can complete the TRX-4 Sport with your favorite setup from another model, or choose from the wide variety of aftermarket gear. High-end or low-buck, there’s no limit to how you can customize your TRX-4’s gear. And if you want to keep it Traxxas with an “ultimate” build, put these on your list:

High-Torque 400 Red Servo

The #2255R 400 Red High-Torque servo kicks up the power to 400 oz.-in. thanks to a brushless motor and steel gears. To boost performance and style, 400 servo gets a heat-dissipating, red-anodized aluminum mid case with etched logo. Get the #8247X steel servo horn for total torque transfer. If you’re pairing the 400 Red servo with a Traxxas #6533 receiver, it is recommended install the #2260 High-Output BEC.

The Power to Perform

The TRX-4 Sport’s roomy battery tray is ready for 7-cell flat NiMH packs and standard-size 2S or 3S LiPos. For best performance, use the only batteries engineered specifically for Traxxas models: Traxxas Power Cell with iD technology. In addition to premium LiPo cells and heavy-duty construction, Power Cell batteries’ innovative iD technology works with EZ-Peak iD chargers to give you a perfect charge every time. There’s nothing to set—just plug your iD battery into an iD charger, and the charger instantly recognizes the battery type, cell count, and capacity, then assigns the optimum charge settings automatically. All you have to do is press the Start button.


The TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit is for anyone who enjoys a good build session, and is definitely the hot setup if you’re looking to build the ultimate comp-prepped TRX-4. Install your favorite gear and add hop-up parts as you build, dial in the setup just the way you like…every step of the build is an opportunity to do it your way. Score more scale points with the included accessories, paint and detail as much (or as little) as you like, build for all-around performance or put together super-focused machine just for mudding, or rock-crawling, or you name it. The TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit is the perfect “blank canvas” for your 4X4 masterpiece.

#82010-4 – $299.99
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Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit Traxxas TRX-4 Sport Unassembled Kit

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