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Traxxas has released their newest NiMH batteries to compliment their full line of electric vehicles. These come in a shotgun stick pack and are offered as 6-cell, or a 7-cell hump pack, and are compatible with almost every electric Traxxas vehicle on the market today. The hump pack will not fit in the E-maxx, E-Revo, or Summit however due to the battery tray. The hump pack works perfectly in all other electric vehicles, and is a direct drop in. Keep in mind, you cannot use the stock battery straps and will need Velcro or some type of fastener. You nitro guys also will have use for these batteries. Roto-Starts, EZ Start, and starter boxes can all utilize these types of batteries, and this is the perfect candidate.

My initial tests show that Traxxas has met their claim of over 3,000mAh. In fact, after a few cycles, I will be getting over 4,000mAh of capacity. My first cycle showed a value of 3,986mAh, very respectable for NiMH cells. The packs were warm, but not hot at all during charging. I enjoy using these cells in the Slash, the 6-cell is perfect for my qualifiers and I can bust out the 7-cell for the mains (allowed at my local track). The 7-cell battery can give just as much performance in the brushed Slash as LiPo, and even can be a little punchier! I now use the 7-cell NiMh over my LiPo packs in the mains.

These packs were perfect in my Slash. Great amount of punch, and the 7-cell really propelled the model even faster, pushing it to the limits of the Titan motor. No problems were noticed during the testing, cells were hardly warm after an entire run, and I was getting respectable runtimes (anywhere from 15-25 minutes depending on how I drove).

The batteries are well constructed, and look to be higher quality than some shotgun-style NiMH packs I’ve used in the past. I have no doubt that these packs will hold up to hits and jolts over time in whatever you can throw at it. You can see the quality through the clear shrink wrap, and 12-gauge wire all throughout the packs. All Traxxas packs tested were equipped with the Traxxas High Current connectors. For those running the latest breed of Traxxas electric vehicles, these packs are perfect for you, no soldering required.

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Updated: July 22, 2015 — 10:01 AM
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