TrackStar Now In The Radio Game With TS3t Telemetry System

TrackStar Now In The Radio Game With TS3t Telemetry System

Hobby King’s TrackStar brand is now in the radio game with the new telemetry-equipped TS3t system, which arrives with voltage, temperature, and RPM sensors. It looks like two receivers are included in the photo below, but what you’re actually seeing is the receiver and the plug-in telemetry module. Incredibly, the whole deal sells for just $60! Full specs for the 2.4GHz FHSS system follow the pics.

9535000001-0 (1)

9535000001-0 (3)

9535000001-0 (4)

Introducing the TS3t 3ch Surface Radio System, the first radio set made by TrackStar!

  • What does TS3t stand for?
  • TS means TrackStar;
  • 3 means 3 Channels and;
  • t means telemetry!

The TrackStar TS3t radio system comes with 3 different sensors. The first one is a 2S voltage sensor, it’s used to detect the usage of the Lipoly battery on the car. The second one is a temperature sensor, it can detect the temperature of the motor/ESC. The last one is a speed sensor, it can show the RPM of the wheels. All 3 signals will be managed by a telemetry module connected to the receiver and all the data will show in real-time on the LCD monitor of the transmitter. The system will also record the maximum temperature that the motor/ESC has reached, so the user can use the data for later analysis.


  • 3-Channel 2.4GHz FHSS Digital Radio with telemetry
  • Includes 3-channel receiver
  • Includes 3 different telemetry sensors and telemetry module
  • Data Logging for Temperature
  • 4 cell Battery Holder for lighter Weight
  • Accepts Optional 5 cell Ni-MH Batteries or 2S Li-Po or 2S Li-Fe Battery Packs
  • 6 Model Memory
  • Exponential, ST and TH curve Adjustments
  • Anti-Lock Braking
  • Throttle Hold
  • Channel 2 and 3 mixing
  • Programmable Fail Safe
  • Digital Trims
  • Digital Battery Voltage Monitor

Transmitter Specs:
Nominal Input Voltage: 4.4~8.6V
Low Voltage Warning: YES (less than 4.4V)
Dry Weight: 280g
Dimensions: 100x140x200mm
Frequency: 2.4GHz FHSS
Charger port: YES

Receiver Specs:

Nominal Input Voltage: 4.4~8.6V
Weight: 8g
Dimensions: 13x20x30mm
Frequency: 2.4GHz FHSS

Telemetry Concentrator Specs:

Dimension: 13x20x30mm
Voltage measuring range: 1~30V
Temperature measuring range: 0~150°C?
Speed measuring range: 480~50000rpm


  • TS3t 2.4Ghz FHSS 3-Channel Digital Transmitter
  • TS3t 2.4Ghz 3-Channel Receiver
  • TS3t telemetry module
  • Connecting wire
  • Speed Sensor x 1
  • Voltage Sensor x 1
  • Temperature Sensor x 1
  • User’s Guide

4 or 5 ‘AA’ NiMH cells or 2S LiPoly/LiFe Battery Pack for transmitter

#9535000001-0 – $59.99


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Updated: November 21, 2014 — 4:28 PM
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