Traxxas ERevo RCCA 900x250
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  1. You forgot about the tyco Fast traxx.That is what me and my brother had as well. They were the coolest tracked vehicle for quite a while.

  2. Added Fast Traxx!

  3. Would love to see adds for the HalfTraxx, the Devastator, the Eliminator, the Harley Davidson Truck and the HiJacker!!

  4. Need to have running game video oder the 9.6v Baja Bandit PLEASE!!!

    I would do many things for that!

  5. Left out my favorite, the Mutator!

  6. I had both sizes for the fast Traxx and the Baja truck without the engine in the back, and they were awesome!

  7. HAHAHA! That’s not how turbos work 😀 I wanted some of these toys so badly. But now I got a real car with real turbo haha

  8. I went through a couple of the regular turbo hoppers as a kid before I bought my Blackfoot

  9. Can’t believe Tyco was my first RC, and was actually in one of those videos. I have the Domino’s Indy car… ha, what a flashback.

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