Time for some 2WD buggy

Time for some 2WD buggy

Since the start of the year all I’ve been racing is 1/8 buggy and truggy and not that I’m complaining but I think it’s time to mix it up a bit. While I was at West Coast RC Raceway the other day shooting a motocross racer, I started to get the 1/10th itch again. I’ll be honest, I’ve completely neglected my 1/10th Kyosho RB5 2wd buggy. A while back while a running it I managed to snap a vital front suspension support and simply put it up on the shelf and proceeded to let it sit for a long time. Last night I decided to pull it off the shelf a started to freshen it up by rebuilding the shocks, replace the broken suspension part, and installed a new Tekin RS 13.5 system. I gotta say… It feels really good to bring a car back to life and I’m really looking forward to driving a West Coast RC Raceway tonight. I’ve got a question for you the reader…. What’s your favorite 1/10th scale vehicle?


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  2. Yeah, the JConcepts Summer Indoor Nats. June 30 – July 3 details here http://events.rcsignup.com/events/displayEvent.cfm?ID=2024

    Its going to be fun!

  3. John, sounds like you need to make a trip up north to run at Outback ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Isn’t there some big race coming up at that track? Jason Sams and I have been talking about it a little bit. what’s the 411?

  4. Thanks for the great responses readers!

    So yesterday I spent over five hours at West Coast RC Raceway in La Mirada. I arrived double fisted with my 2WD buggy (Kyosho RB5) and my 2WD SC (Associated SC10), yet I only managed to drive my RB5. I don’t know what it was but once I started driving the RB5 I couldn’t stop and thanks to LiPo and Brushless technology I had run times that exceeded 25mins per battery pack.

    While I was driving, I was also tinkering around with setup and gearing. It’s not all to often that I get to spend nearly an entire day at the track driving one vehicle. Usually I get so into it that I end up bringing at least two different cars and just drive them. Hardly any focus on setup or track focus, just driving. Once I focused on just one vehicle it really allowed me to be in tune with what subtle changes effected the car. Each run I would make a slight change to setup or even ESC settings. It got to the point to were I was going back and forth between a single drag brake adjustment. I gotta say, the Tekin RS ESC is super easy to adjust and it had such a smooth power band. Great Job Tekin! What also blew me away, my final gearing of 33/72. With my Tekin RS and 13.5 motor, after 20mins of run time the motor and esc were hardly warm to the touch.

    Lets make a push to get 2WD buggy back into the game as one the premier classes at electric tracks again. I doubt it will ever replace SC but it will surely help build a better breed of drivers.

  5. With a new local indoor track just open,

    Seems many of the local racers have gone back to elec. 1/10th. A nice change of pace. I myself am looking forward to running some 2wd and 4wd again, though much has changed since I last ran those classes.

    As for which class or classes are more or less skilled? I dunno. To me they are all a bit different and have their own pros and cons going for them. Some will make for better a driver in the long run and some are a little easier, but to be fast in any class takes skill. How much skill is open for debate I guess.

    I too miss the 1/10th gas truck class. That class was a lot of fun to run and probably the cheapest gas class to run. Is what it is I suppose.

  6. My favorite 1/10 scale is my TC5! I love racing on the pavement, you have to know many different lines to be fast. Can’t wait to get the TC6! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I have been racing off and on for about 12 years and although I only have SCs now my all time favorite was and still is 10th buggy. The look of the buggy 2wd buggy is awesome and the skill it takes to drive them makes them fun and challenging. I almost bought a new one this year however none of the tracks around me have the turn out to justify it. If it were to make a serious come back though I am right back on the wagon.

    10th buggy all the way

  8. traxxas summit

    1. The Traxxas Summit is actually a 1/8 scale.

      1. Traxxas lists it as 1/10-scale. The call it the: “1/10 scale 4WD Extreme Terrain Monster Truck.”

  9. I miss 1/10 gas truck – it involves the same skill as 2wd buggy but the fact that you have to make the vehicle last for a 30 or 45 minute main means that the class made you an even better driver. It’s a shame that so many people have dumped the most skill-based classes (gas truck and mod 2wd) for the least skill-based classes (truggy)

    1. Legal Eagle,

      I’m with you. 2WD Gas Truck was an amazing class. If there was one class that should ever make a come back, 2WD Gas Truck. Unfortunately it seems that most of the 2WD Gas Trucks have been discontinued and the only ones that remain as full blooded RTR’s. I’m still holding onto my TLR Adam Drake 2 Edition Gas Truck.

  10. I like SC’s a lot, mainly 2wd, but they are kind of bouncy in the turns, 2wd buggies are sharp and improve my skills when shifting back to 4wd 1/8’s.

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