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This RC Car Grew On a Tree [VIDEO]

This RC Car Grew On a Tree [VIDEO]

Well, if you want to get picky, it didn’t grow ON a tree, it WAS a tree. A maple tree, to be precise. Mechawood’s appropriately named “Woody” is made almost entirely from lasercut hardwood maple, including the wheels and gears. Other than springs, tires, electronics, and hardware, it’s wood through and through. Even the 2-stick transmitter is made of wood (or at least its case is). Here’s what Mechawood says about the car:

Woody is an RC car that is made almost entirely from wood! He’s got full front and rear independent suspension, a rear differential to keep traction when cornering at high speeds, and removable bumpers to protect his parts in case of a crash.  The best part is that woody is made right here in the USA and consists of high quality components hand chosen for optimal performance and style. 

Woody wooden RC car 9

Woody wooden RC car 1

Woody wooden RC car 2

Woody wooden RC car 3

Woody wooden RC car 5

Updated: September 10, 2015 — 9:57 AM
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  1. Can someone explain that motor to me? Is the housing spinning??

  2. It’s an “outrunner” motor. The rotor is stationary, and the output shaft is fixed to the can, which rotates.

  3. Definitely a cool one of a kind piece. How durable and practical would an RC like this be? Are there replacement parts available?

  4. Interesting, and with an outrunner motor.
    but…Just because you can – doesn’t mean you should. Just sayin’

    1. It’s a novelty car, I don’t think the idea is to go out and hammer on it. There’s no positive to the wood construction other than, “neat, it’s made of wood!” 🙂

  5. Many great classic cars of the early 20th century used wood extensively…Rolls Royce for example. It’s good to think outside the carbon fiber, aluminum & plastic box occasionally. Beautiful work!!!

  6. Can someone send me the blueprints, i have a laser cutting machine and want ot make one. If it is finished i wil post how i made it and send more blueprints
    so if someone could sent the blueprints, pleae do

    1. Mechawood sells the car, so it’s unlikely they’re interested in giving you the files to cut your own parts. Info here:

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