These Are The Weirdest-Looking Vehicles In RC

These Are The Weirdest-Looking Vehicles In RC

We asked you to tell us what you think are RC’s weirdest-looking vehicles, and you definitely found some wild and crazy machines. Along with our own pics, you turned up bizarre front drivers, Robotech-inspired futuristic rides, and mind-boggling homebrew projects that stretch the limits of RC imagination.


This unusual homebuilt apeared in our July 1993 issue



John Grimes offered up his trike design via Facebook. “The red wheel is the back,” notes John.



Front-drive buggies demand attention. This is a “Ryuz FF,” which also appeared as the “Kanda Special” alongside a pair of other front-drive customs in what appears to be Japan’s RC World magazine.



The concept lives on with ORB racing, which features the gearbox, driveshafts and shocks from the Durango DEX210.


ORB in action.



Latest ORB prototype


BloodClod 3 member “Blood Clod” built this very factory-looking take on a FWD buggy.



Here’s an earlier version of the Blood Clod design.


Bull Head

RCCA Facebook fan Dennis Brien nominated the Tamiya Bullhead as one of RC’s weirdest, and shared a pic of his own.



We’re used to seeing them now, and we get why they exist (better for track handling), but cab-forward bodies still look weird. Especially on stadium trucks.



The Hirobo Alien was cab-forward over 20 years ago, at the peak of RC’s outer-space styling period.



There’s a few Tamiyas on this list. The Mad Bull pairs up a Grasshopper II body with Midnight Pumpkin wheels and tires to create this strange proto-truggy.


Mugen Mercury XI4

The Mercury Xi-4 looks bizarre with its bolt-upright shocks. Photo via member “wldns.”



Later versions became more conventional looking, but the first-gen Tenth Technology Predator was like something from another planet and way ahead of its time with a front wing and F1-style inboard shocks. Photo via


RC Tractor Kumamon Version - WR02G

Tumbling Bull

Farm King

Leave it to Tamiya to have a full lineup of crazy wheelie-popping tractors.


Robbe amphibian

The Robbe Amphibian, via user “richytanimal.” We’d love to drive this one.


Thunder Blitz

Wild Ceptor

This pair of unusually styled machines is from Tamiya’s “RC for Boys” series (It probably sounds better in Japanese). Think RC versions of Tamiya’s free-running Mini 4WD cars, designed to be super-easy for kids to build.


Yankee TR85

This Yankee TR85 belongs to member “f2g78.” If shopping-cart styling is your thing, this is your car.

What else belongs on this list?

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