These Are Some of the “Coolest RC Cars Ever” Says Google

These Are Some of the “Coolest RC Cars Ever” Says Google

So, what exactly do you get if you do a Google image search for “coolest RC car ever”? Here’s a sampling:

Coolest RC Car Ever

Tricked out and custom blue-anodized Kyosho Optima? Definitely cool.


Coolest RC car ever rocket car rchelicopterandrccar2.blogspot

Rocket car, hello speed! Goodbye eyebrows. No info on this one.


Coolest RC car ever classicrcjunkies

Oooh, very nice vintage Dynamic nitro action with faux velocity stacks as a heatsink head. Love how the engine connects directly to the rear gearbox!


Coolest RC Car ever Nic Case

It’s not his latest 202mph record-setter, but any Nic Case speed machine is going to peg the cool-meter.


Coolest RC car ever Masami

How about “coolest RC car driver ever? Masami Hirosaka is an all-time great.


Coolest rc car ever stealth rc10

Also coolest: Masami’s Stealth car from the ’89 Worlds. The ultimate RC10!


Coolest RC car ever quad copter

Oh yeah, this Kickstarter car-quad thing. Did it ever happen for reals?


Coolest RC car ever flatout

Not actually RC, but Google pulled it up, so there. This Fiat 126 is “the world’s lowest car” at 22″ high. Looks like this unmodified.


Coolest RC car ever toolbox

Coolest? More like toolest. Definitely the most unique Savage we’ve ever seen. Also easy to carry.

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Updated: July 27, 2015 — 7:09 PM
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