The Weyers Brothers Double Up At Revolution Raceway In Appleton

The Weyers Brothers Double Up At Revolution Raceway In Appleton

Tekin driver Brian Weyer talks about the A Main in this race report for Tekin:

“I qualified 1st,TQing the Mod truck A-main. I had a good hole shot off the line with 8 other Mod Trucks be hide me. Leading the first lap I went down the hill from the counting corner and went over the doubles and spun out. I got the truck turned around and was now in fifth place. Mike Weyers and Jason Hills were battling it out for first. I was going over a jump on the left side of the track. When I saw second place Jason Hills going down the back straight. I bumped the tube in that corner just as Jason caught the tube up by the counting stand. By the time I got going again time had run out on the five minute race.  I finished 3rd.

It was fun racing my Tekin teammate and brother Mike Weyers. He knew I was coming for him. I was happy to see Mike win the A-main.”

So Brian TQ’d mod truck and took 3rd for the A main. Mike Weyers qualified 3rd and got first in the A main. Not a bad weekend!

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 3:19 PM


  1. How about the new Track they were at racing at the Grand Opening Race with 136 entries located in the heart of Shortcourse racing in Appleton Wisconsin.

  2. I think I’m just going to start sending my own race results in every week so they can be published as well.

    1. It is news. Not every story is going to interest you specifically, of course, but this is race news. We are covering a wider range of race news than just the world championship level. Many people out there feel they relate to these stories far more than they do to the stories about the “paid to play pros.”

    2. @yoman If you send in your race results to a sponsor like a Tekin, Losi, Team Associated, etc. and then they send that info to me as a press release, THEN we will gladly post your race results here.

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