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The RC Bucket List

The RC Bucket List

I keep hearing about bucket lists and there was even a movie on the subject that I have yet to see. I get the concept. Bucket lists are fun and worthwhile for sure. I made and lost my own bucket list when I was in college. Mine had some of the staples I hear all the time such as skydive or something or other. How about an RC specific bucket list? What would make the list? Here are some of my suggestions; let’s see what you can come up with.

> Get sponsored on any level–full ride, 50%’er, hobby shop

> Run in a national level competition

> Drive an RC car across water

> Do a loop with an RC airplane

> Jump an RC over a building or full-size or from building to building

> Go over 100mph

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Updated: August 6, 2011 — 10:20 AM


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  1. To make my HSP xstr beat a DURANGO 410,it’s already BRUSHLESS!!!!!(now i am working on my driving skill)

  2. Will do Matt,

    Have an idea already, just need to get things all lined up.

  3. > Race in or attend an IFMAR Worlds

    > Race all the major race events in a year for the type of racing you do.

    > Write an article for a RC Mag

    > Tour a RC Factory (doesn’t happen too often, but would be fun to do)

    > Help start a track and/or shop

    > Get more people in the hobby/racing

    1. Let me know when you want to write that article, James

  4. build a R.C. that looks like our full size rigs . 79 cj5 & 79 f-250

  5. my rc bucket list
    own lots of nice clods/Jugs
    jump a slash over quicksand
    get an rc race on tv

    1. Jump a Slash over quicksand? Don’t miss the ramp, you know what happens if you do miss it! (Blob blob blob blob blob and bye bye Slash.)

  6. Build your “dream” rig with the nothing but the best!

    1. Agree. Everyone should build their ultimate RC dream machine

  7. Build my own RC (not from a kit) from scratch

    1. That’s a pretty cool one. You might have to have a short RC bucket list in order to have time for that one

  8. break someones ankle with an 8th scale

    1. Yikes.

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