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The Future Of RC Is In Their Hands.

The Future Of RC Is In Their Hands.

I was thinking the other day about how every time I go out and drive around with my RC in and around the neighborhood I often get the neighborhood kids asking the common question “Can I try?”  Look at this way, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but the future of the RC hobby is in the hands of the little one’s (he/she) who look up to us.  Sons, daughters, brothers,  sister’s, cousins, nephews/nieces and yes,  even the neighbor down the street.
In my case even when I’m camping and relaxing, the cars and trucks I bring along get attention.  I know I’m not alone.  It’s doesn’t take camping to do it. How many of you have been to so much as the local park and get stopped and asked about the R/C  Car/Truck your running?  Like some of us, we are lucky to have someone to share the hobby with at a certain level.  Not everyone shares.  I’m not saying pass over the remote to your race rig to a 5 year old and watch what happens, but on the other hand in a normal R/C car rig situation,  I think sharing is the way it’s meant to be.  Racing and fixing and tuning is one thing…. But I still enjoy what I like to call “Sunday driving”  Call it bashing if you want, but it’s not like I’m taking on big air or rattling apart my car/truck down a mountain of rocks or dirt race track.  Just drive.  Boot around here, climb this, putter around that…. Sound boring? well…. you’d be surprised on how many little eyes are watching.  Aside from the one’s who built up the courage to ask that famous question “Can I try”. Maybe it’s more common than I think. But don’t YOU remember the first time you set your eyes onto a professional grade RC car as a kid ??? Maybe it was  the guy down the street, family member or whoever. Maybe they let you drive, maybe they didn’t.
My point is this. The more open you are to sharing the hobby on any scale (no matter what the age or gender)  You will make a lifelong lasting impact on them. They will remember (like you and I) that “First day”. You never know. Maybe it won’t stick, but then again…. maybe like myself 20 some years later…. it will.  I haven’t looked back and loved everything the hobby has offered since that “first day.”  So as we all advance into the deeper realms of the hobby and experience “The next big thing in R/C” Just remember the little ones that will have to take over later. If we all want the hobby to be enjoyed by all ages and genders, don’t hold back. Embrace whatever, and any interest they may have today in the hobby because they are the ones who will be looking back 20 years from now and saying “My first car I got to drive was an old Traxxas Slash”  ( sounds funny now…. but you wait)

Here is my “First day”

my own love affair with a radio control car began as a kid when I watched in awe as my neighbor down the street played with his radio control car. I thought it was really neat and wanted one from that day forward. I later found out that  the car I had seen as a kid, some many years later turned out to be an old Tamiya Monster Beetle. Of course, by this point I had already gone knee deep in the hobby itself and I had to get my hands on that car I had first seen that summer day. To this day I am proud to say that I have acquired one, fully restored it and have it as a great show piece. Check it out in the “Modz Garage” at —



So what about you? Whats your “first time” R/C  story?




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  1. Well here you go! We are probably close to the same age. I had my first hobby grade RC back in the early 1980’s, I would say around 83 or 84. A friend of mine in the neighborhood got a Tamiya Grasshopper. I decided I wanted 4wd so I got the Tamiya Boomerang. I raced for a few years not really knowing what I was doing. Now more than 20 years later, I am back into the hobby and racing with a totally race spec slash. My kids are also racing and I have all the kids in the neighborhood involved. I even got them all to help build a small track! I’m having way more fun this time around and I love to see the kids enthusiasm when we race! I hope to keep inspiring other kids to pick up the hobby as well!

  2. Wow guys those are some great stories. Thank you for sharing it with us. I appreciate the recognition on this article because it it so dear to my heart and kids.

    Even to hear current day vehicles as one’s “first” is pretty cool. Goes to show the comment I made about what you’ll be saying 20 years from now to be true.

    I’m glad those of you, plus more have found the hobby, and have desire to share it with everyone you know.

    Keep the comments coming, I still want to read some more starter stories.

    Happy driving!!

  3. Good article guys. My first radio-control vehicle was a 1992 Fisher-Price Grand Prix. The vehicle had trouble getting up to speed on many surfaces. The vehicle’s motor would literally idle until it was able to get back up to speed. I remember giving the vehicle a nudge whenever it got stuck. We eventually decided to give the vehicle to a family in need.
    Years passed and I lost interest into radio-control vehicles. My brother was the one who got me back into the hobby. His interest in radio controlled vehicles peaked once he broke a middle-graded Fast & Furious Eclipse RC vehicle.
    He decided to search online for a faster radio-controlled vehicle. That was when he came across a company by the name of TRAXXAS. That was when he bought a 2006 Traxxas Rustler Xl5 and he was so excited that he begged my parents to take us to a rc track.
    I didn’t actually know what and where we were going at the time. So I was confused and then jealous when I saw the radio-controlled vehicles. That was when I saved up enough money to buy a 2006 Traxxas Bandit Xl5 and that was my first hobby-level rc vehicle.

  4. my best friend got a hpi e10 drift car and i thought it was so cool! he was nice enought to let me try. that was what got me into the hobby. my first car was a rustler vxl.

  5. Really enjoyer the article , good tip on taking a spare truck for other’s to try , thank you .

  6. I have many RC cars and I let my 5-yr-old and his friends play with a Traxxas Rustler (great for bashing). He also likes to join me at the racetrack and watch the racing. Sometimes Oval, sometimes Touring, sometimes off-road… so “Santa” got him a Duratrax Vendetta TC 1/18 for christmas last year (when he was 4-yrs-old). I picked up a radio that has adjustable End Points and trim the throttle and brake down a bit to slow the car. After coming to the track with me a couple times, he went from following behind the car (while walking on the track and in the way) to standing on the driver’s stand and manuevering the course surprisingly well. Mostly, I’m amazed at his ability to practice throttle control and not use full steering every time… I can picture him racing in a year or two!!

  7. I love the story. You’re completely right!! I always lend a radio to a kid loitering around, usually a “spare” car I try to bring with me whenever I go out. I don’t race so all my cars are bashers but a few are speedy and not really good lenders but a quick battery change or a radio setting can fix even a hot car for a newbie.

    And a few words to their parents about the price of entry is always helpful, too. Many assume the hobby is costly, which it can be. But with a little foresight and some restraint that kid might be the proud recipient of a basic truck or car come birthday or Christmas time. You may never see that moment when he opens the box but you can bet he’ll remember “that guy” who let him bash around that day.

  8. I started off with toy-grades, but I lost interest in them because of a card game called Bakugan.

    I was starting to think about toy-grade RC’s again when I was 11. I searched E-Bay for RC cars and found the hobby grades. I was in love with them instantly and had one within a month. It’s a year later now and wrenching is a breeze. I know how to disassemble a differential, fix a popped driveshaft or rebuild a shock. I already have 4 hobby-grades and spent hundreds of dollars on upgrades.

    The only car I trust the kids that are even younger than me with is my 1/16 Summit on training mode (still pretty fast because of my custom 9.6v batteries). It’s still a bit fast for them, but at that speed, nothing breaks. I really enjoy seeing other children have fun with RC’s too. 🙂

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