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RCPS Canadian Nationals – Event Coverage Aug,7,2011

RCPS Canadian Nationals – Event Coverage Aug,7,2011

The 2011 RCPS Canadian Nationals Round 1 hosted by C.R.E. Racway in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada winds up. I’ll be reporting from track-side on the day’s coverage and progress.

Classes expected to be running today are:

Nitro Off-road

– 1/8th Buggy

– 1/8th Truggy


Electric Off-road

– 1/10th 4WD SCT

– 1/8th Open

– 1/10th 2WD SCT


The main event and finals are scheduled for Sept 16th-18th.


To all in attendance, have fun and enjoy the event.
See you there!

For more details on this event you can visit



Final Results for the A-Main’s of the RCPS Canadian Nationals Finals (Round 1 local driver’s) Aug, 7, 2011 – Results used for Sept. race event.

1/10th Short Course 2WD

1st: Doucette, Josh
2nd: Townsend, Brian
3rd: Oswald, Christopher
4th: Neufeld, Brad
5th: Kolten, Vince
6th: Phrakonkham, Souvigna
7th: Sobetski, Jordan

1/10th Short Course 4WD

1st: Sobetski, Jeff
2nd: Leik, Peter
3rd: Lliopoulos, John
4th: Townsend, Brian
5th: Buckley, James
6th: Klassen, Rob
7th: McCorrister, Lawrence
8th: Lowe, Matt
9th: Schaubroecl, Ray
10th: Tedone, Cleto

1/8th Scale Buggy

1st: Bially, Trevor
2nd: Sobetski, Jeff
3rd: Doucette, Josh
4th: Henry, Vern
5th: Lliopoulos, John
6th: Phrakonkham, Souvigna
7th: Moxley, Nick
8th: Leik, Peter
9th: Mason, Bill
10th: Sippel, Warren
11th: Marlatt, Mike
12th: McCorrister, Lawrence

1/8th Scale Truggy

1st: Moxley, Nick
2nd: Leik, Peter
3rd: Sobetski, Jeff
4th: Gautron, Gil
5th: McCorrister, Lawrence
6th: Lliopoulos, John
7th: Titchkosky, Evan
8th: Buckley, James

1/8th Scale Electric Open

1st: Moxley, Nick
2nd: Schaubroecl, Ray
3rd: Phrakonkham, Souvigna
4th: Sinclair, Eric
5th: Sinclair, Al


Thanks again to everyone at C.R.E. Raceway, organizers and staff.  The day was a blast and went great. The people were great and it’s nice to see fellow racers help each other out when the time counts. I look forward to reporting and attending further event’s and definitely doing the local series again next year.





Updated: August 9, 2011 — 10:44 PM
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  1. I love that this amazing track in my home town is getting some awesome publicity!!

  2. Well, Kevin. I’m happy to do it. Glad you liked it.

  3. It was an awesome time with great ppl next race I will enter the 2wd SCT class!

  4. Sweet! More meat for the grinder! *Kidding*

    It was the first time I had my 2wd on the track, and honestly enjoyed racing that more than my 4wd!

    Big thanks to the C.R.E. crew and all the volunteers that helped make the day a success!

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