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RCPS Canadian Nationals – Event Coverage Aug,7,2011

RCPS Canadian Nationals – Event Coverage Aug,7,2011

The 2011 RCPS Canadian Nationals Round 1 hosted by C.R.E. Racway in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada winds up. I’ll be reporting from track-side on the day’s coverage and progress.

Classes expected to be running today are:

Nitro Off-road

– 1/8th Buggy

– 1/8th Truggy


Electric Off-road

– 1/10th 4WD SCT

– 1/8th Open

– 1/10th 2WD SCT


The main event and finals are scheduled for Sept 16th-18th.


To all in attendance, have fun and enjoy the event.
See you there!

For more details on this event you can visit



Final Results for the A-Main’s of the RCPS Canadian Nationals Finals (Round 1 local driver’s) Aug, 7, 2011 – Results used for Sept. race event.

1/10th Short Course 2WD

1st: Doucette, Josh
2nd: Townsend, Brian
3rd: Oswald, Christopher
4th: Neufeld, Brad
5th: Kolten, Vince
6th: Phrakonkham, Souvigna
7th: Sobetski, Jordan

1/10th Short Course 4WD

1st: Sobetski, Jeff
2nd: Leik, Peter
3rd: Lliopoulos, John
4th: Townsend, Brian
5th: Buckley, James
6th: Klassen, Rob
7th: McCorrister, Lawrence
8th: Lowe, Matt
9th: Schaubroecl, Ray
10th: Tedone, Cleto

1/8th Scale Buggy

1st: Bially, Trevor
2nd: Sobetski, Jeff
3rd: Doucette, Josh
4th: Henry, Vern
5th: Lliopoulos, John
6th: Phrakonkham, Souvigna
7th: Moxley, Nick
8th: Leik, Peter
9th: Mason, Bill
10th: Sippel, Warren
11th: Marlatt, Mike
12th: McCorrister, Lawrence

1/8th Scale Truggy

1st: Moxley, Nick
2nd: Leik, Peter
3rd: Sobetski, Jeff
4th: Gautron, Gil
5th: McCorrister, Lawrence
6th: Lliopoulos, John
7th: Titchkosky, Evan
8th: Buckley, James

1/8th Scale Electric Open

1st: Moxley, Nick
2nd: Schaubroecl, Ray
3rd: Phrakonkham, Souvigna
4th: Sinclair, Eric
5th: Sinclair, Al


Thanks again to everyone at C.R.E. Raceway, organizers and staff.  The day was a blast and went great. The people were great and it’s nice to see fellow racers help each other out when the time counts. I look forward to reporting and attending further event’s and definitely doing the local series again next year.





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  1. Sweet! More meat for the grinder! *Kidding*

    It was the first time I had my 2wd on the track, and honestly enjoyed racing that more than my 4wd!

    Big thanks to the C.R.E. crew and all the volunteers that helped make the day a success!

  2. It was an awesome time with great ppl next race I will enter the 2wd SCT class!

  3. Well, Kevin. I’m happy to do it. Glad you liked it.

  4. I love that this amazing track in my home town is getting some awesome publicity!!

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