Outerwears Generation 2 Traxxas Slash 4X4 Chassis Shroud (Standard Chassis)

Outerwears Generation 2 Traxxas Slash 4X4 Chassis Shroud (Standard Chassis)

Outerwears and its filter products are popular with powersports and motorsports enthusiasts, as well as RC fans. In the RC car realm, Outerwears chassis shrouds are an easy upgrade and do a good job of keeping the chassis free of dirt and debris, and even shed water. The Terra-Flo technology is impressive. The material is easily breathable (I actually breathed through it, so “confirmed”), yet water won’t pass through it (also confirmed: I formed the shroud like a bowl, and it held water without so much as a drip). Once installed on your car, dirt, dust and water aren’t getting through that stuff. The latest shroud is tailored specifically for the standard-chassis Slash 4X4, and the “Generation 2” design adds a hydrophobic zipper to the formula. Instead of removing or partially removing the shroud for battery swaps or anything else requiring chassis access, all it takes it a quick zip to get underneath the shroud.

Outerwears Traxxas Slash 4x4 Generation 2 chassis shroud

Before installation, the shroud looks like the weirdest underwear ever. The breaks in the Velcro are there to accommodate the nerf bars. Note the waterproof zipper and reinforced antenna hole.

No modifications to the chassis are needed to install the shroud, but you do have to make certain the chassis sides are completely clean so the included Velcro strips will adhere properly. I cleaned the chassis with rubbing alcohol as Outerwears’ instructions suggest. If you’ve got denatured alcohol on your shelf, that will work too. Outerwears supplies a full 26″ of Velcro, and it’s the real stuff, not generic “hook-and-loop tape.”  After sticking the Velcro in place, I followed Outwears’ suggestion to let the chassis sit for 24 hours so the adhesive could fully set.

When installing the shroud, I found it easiest to line it up over the nerf bars, then work out from the middle to secure the shroud evenly. The front and rear edges of the shroud have been upgraded with stronger elastic edges that keep the shroud tight against the chassis. Once installed, it looks pretty trick. And slightly weird since there’s a zipper on the car, but mostly trick. Of course, you don’t see it at all once the body’s on.

Outerwears Traxxas Slash 4x4 Generation 2 chassis shroud

Installed. I let the adhesive on the “hook” strips cure overnight before attaching the shroud.

Outerwears Traxxas Slash 4x4 Generation 2 chassis shroud

The zipper makes it easy to access the chassis for pack changes.

My testing methodology was highly scientific: drive truck. Get truck dirty. My first session was a thorough thrashing on a sand volleyball court. The powdery sand really gets into everything. Some dust snuck under the elastic at the front and rear edges of the chassis, but the shroud kept the vast majority of the stuff off the car. To up the challenge level, I poured handfuls of sand directly onto the shroud. Same result, nothing gets through.

Water and mud were also easily foiled. Despite a full load of goop on the outside, a peek under the zipper revealed a clean chassis on the inside. Nice. Once I got home, I hosed the whole car off with the shroud in place, and the Outerwears material shed the mud easily. Other than a few drops here and there, the chassis beneath the shroud was dry.

The Verdict
If you can’t stand dirt and dust (or worse) getting into your gear, then you’ll definitely like having the Generation 2 shroud on your Slash 4X4 or one of Outerwears’ shrouds for other brands. If you don’t see a cover for your car, email info@outerwears.com to let them know what models to add to the line. The Outerwears chassis cover is easy to install, and it works. Downside: it’s not cheap. The Gen 2 shroud for the standard-chassis Slash 4X4 will set you back $42, which seems like a lot. But based on what it does, how well it does it, and how much time and hassle it can save you, it’s totally worth it.

– Easy to install
– Keeps dirt, water, and dust off the chassis and electronics
– Speeds up car cleaning

– Not cheap



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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 3:44 PM
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