TEST BENCH – WD-40 Precision Pen

TEST BENCH – WD-40 Precision Pen


Almost 20 years ago, WD-40 released their “No-Mess” pen. It was a convenient way to deliver the tried-and-true product in a more precise fashion, opening up its uses to a multitude of jobs that the spray can just wasn’t quite suited for. Fast forward to 2023, and the RCCA crew was able to get its hands on WD-40’s latest innovation, the WD-40 Precision Pen.

This prototype product isn’t yet available for purchase at the time of writing but is slated for release sometime in 2023. What makes the Precision Pen better than the original “No-Mess” product is its more rugged pen body as well as a more precise applicator tip. Combine that with contractor-grade top cap and you’ve got yourself a winning product. The Precision Pen is nice and compact, and will easily fit into a pocket, tool bag, or pit box without a problem.


If you’ve been around RC or really just about any hands-on hobby for any length of time, you’re most likely familiar with what WD-40 is and what it’s good for, so I probably don’t need to describe its merits here. What I will be doing, however, is looking over the design quality and uses of the Precision Pen. Testing something like the WD-40 Precision Pen may seem simple, but it’s certainly worth a look.

As we know, WD-40 is designed to penetrate into small gaps and spaces, so I was curious just how well the new pen design holds up, and more specifically how well it keeps the WD-40 inside the pen and not leaking inside your pocket. The cap included with the new Precision Pen body gives a firm click when attaching, which is already a great sign. After a handful of uses I noticed a little bit of seeping from the pen’s tip when the cap was off. This is pretty normal, so after a quick cleanup of the excess fluid from around the tip, reattaching the pen cap sealed the pen body nicely and prevented any additional fluid from leaking. This is excellent to see and gives me confidence that this simple product will do its job without a fuss, and more importantly without making a mess.

The body of the pen is made from a sturdy material, which is great since it shouldn’t require any special care when handling it; simply toss it back in the toolbox alongside the other tools. The applicator tip works a lot like a paint pen, where depressing the tip applies more fluid to the end of the applicator. Once the pen tip was saturated with WD-40 it was extremely easy to apply very thin amounts of fluid as needed. You can also apply more fluid by simply pressing down on the pen tip. This is especially handy when applying the fluid to screws and finely threaded hardware. Overall, I’m sold on this product, as it makes carrying around WD-40 that much easier, further expanding its portability and potential uses.

WD-40 Precision Pen
Release Date: Third Quarter 2023

TEST BENCH - WD-40 Precision Pen

TEST BENCH - WD-40 Precision Pen

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