Test Bench: Tekin Gen2 Redline 17.5 Brushless Motor

Test Bench: Tekin Gen2 Redline 17.5 Brushless Motor

Tekin’s Gen2 Redline series of motors are part of their ongoing update to their motor and speed control line. The Gen2 builds on top of the first generation of motors and brings many features and adds distinct styling. An all new red anodized aluminum can houses the technology behind the new motors and puts form alongside function with it’s cooling optimized design. It also features a sensor wire clip Let’s take a closer look.

Tekin's new Gen2 Redline sensored motors are available in 19 different configurations.

Tekin’s new Gen2 Redline sensored motors are available in 19 different configurations.

The 1st thing you will notice is the bright red motor can. The 1st generation of Redline motors used a primarily silver can with machined “ribs” to help dissipate heat. This new design doesn’t incorporate ribs but it is made of CNC machined T 6061 billet aluminum that acts like a heat sink, plus it has some small cooling holes on the sides of the can. This helps to release heat buildup and gives the Gen2 motor a distinctive look. Turn the motor around to the stator side and you will see some large notches to help dissipate even more heat away from the motor.

Keep your sensor wire secure with the included clip.

Keep your sensor wire secure with the included clip.

Another nice feature of the Gen2 is the included small clip that is used to keep your sensor wire secure. The motor’s timing is also adjustable using three screws and the endbell is marked with the various timing adjustments.

The non RPM version of Tekin's Gen2 17.5 motor includes a 12.5mm rotor.

The non RPM version of Tekin’s Gen2 17.5 motor includes a 12.5mm rotor.

The Gen2 is offered in two variations, RPM and non RPM. The RPM version is only offered for their 13.5, 17.5, 21.5, and 25.5 turn motors, and those use a smaller 12.3mm rotor and are lighter than their counter parts which all use a larger 12.5mm rotor. All of their modified motors use a larger 13mm rotor and winds 5.5 through 2.5 use a 13mm high torque rotor.

The 17.5 mounted in my SC10.2.

The 17.5 mounted in my SC10.2.

For testing I installed this motor in my Team Associated SC10.2 for some club racing at my local indoor track, 80/35 Raceway. Frist, I measured out my ESC wires and then soldered them onto my Gen2. Then I needed to install the included clip for my sensor wire which was easy to do. I simply flipped the motor around to the side with the sensor, backed out one of the three flathead screws, slipped the clip onto the small button head screw that was included, routed the sensor wire through the clip, and then installed the screw. I elected to use the non RPM version of this motor since those motors are designed for 1/12 cars running on 1S LiPos. I geared the motor conservatively to start with and I could definitely feel the low end torque kicking in when I squeezed the trigger. After a few runs I decided to adjust the timing to get some more top end out of the Gen2 and it was a snap thanks to the simple three screw adjustment design. I ran the motor again for another five minute session and then checked the motor temp and it was still around the 130 degree range which is what I was aiming for.

Overall, this motor ran smooth and had plenty of torque which was perfect for my 2WD short course truck which is heavier than other 1/10 vehicles. It is definitely one of the faster spec motors out on the market today and will help you to become the next generation of fast drivers in your area.


  • CNC Machined T 6061 Billet Aluminum Heatsink Can
  • Neodymium Sintered Magnet
  • Precision Engineered for Maximum Energy Conversion
  • High Purity Copper Windings Maximize Conductivity
  • Low Resistance, High Power Solder Tabs
  • Dual-Plug Sensor Wire Harness for all Sensored and Sensorless systems
  • Anodized Endbell plates maximize corrosion and wear resistance
  • High RPM precision bearings
  • Rebuildable Design
  • Solderless Sensor PCB replacement
  • Adjustable Timing

Item no. TT2405

Price: $99.99 (varies with dealer)

Weight: 6.3oz (180g)

Shaft Dimensions: 3.2mm (1/8″) x 15.3mm

Motor Diameter: 35.85mm / 1.40″

Motor Length: 51.8mm / 2.03″

Bearing Dimensions: front: 4x13x5mm rear: 1/8×3/8×5/32″

KV: 2400

Source: teamtekin.com

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