TEST BENCH – Rinse Off Explore

TEST BENCH – Rinse Off Explore

A universal problem RC enthusiasts often encounter is trying to keep their vehicles—and themselves—clean. Running monster trucks on the dirt, crawlers over rocks, racing buggies on clay or even touring cars on tarmac, electric or nitro, it’s inevitable that both driver and machine find themselves dealing with dirt and grime.

For RC hobbyists, having a portable water sprayer like the Rinse Off Explore can be incredibly useful. Whether you’re cleaning off mud, dirt, grass or sand from your RC cars or other gear, this 4-gallon portable water shower is perfect for cleaning up on the go.


The Rinse Off Explore is equipped with battery-powered pressurization, delivering a consistent high-pressure spray to blast off even the toughest dirt and grime. Its simple operation allows you to pour in water, press the power button and spray away.

Thanks to its internal 12-volt rechargeable sealed lead acid battery, Rinse Off Explore can deliver a continuously pumped pressure flow of 1.2 gallons of water per minute. Also, one full battery charge allows for up to 20 fill-to-empty cycles before needing a recharge.

Made with military-grade materials and a rotationally molded container, the Rinse Off Explore is built to withstand just about any task you put it through. It’s perfect for cleaning your RC cars and gear, as well as your shoes before you pack up to go home after a day of bashing or racing.


We filled the tank up with four gallons of water and took it out to see how it handled our latest basher crawling session. After spending a day in the desert, we found our Traxxas TRX-4M dirty and our shoes even dirtier.

One flick of the switch turned the pressurization on, and within seconds we were spraying. Hosing off our shoes and the truck was easy thanks to ample amounts of water pressure. It’s not a firetruck level of water pressure by any means, but it did the job efficiently. We also realized that four gallons is a lot of water; we barely used any during our short clean-up session.

The tank has a unique shape that allows for the 9-foot-long hose to wrap around its “neck” for easy hose storage. The Flexlite hose does not tangle and is easily wound and un-wound. An elastic rope keeps the multi-pattern nozzle in place.

Speaking of the nozzle, it has seven spray patterns similar to what you might find on a typical garden hose nozzle. It features a machined aluminum swivel to keep it from tangling up, too. If you get thirsty while you’re out, it’s good to know that the hose is also BPA-free and safe for drinking from.


Best of all, the Rinse Off Explore is made in the USA, ensuring quality and reliability. So, whether you’re at the track, on the trail, or just cleaning up after a day of RC fun, the Rinse Off Explore is the perfect tool to keep your gear clean and ready for your next adventure.

TEST BENCH - Rinse Off Explore

TEST BENCH - Rinse Off Explore

TEST BENCH - Rinse Off Explore

TEST BENCH - Rinse Off Explore

TEST BENCH - Rinse Off Explore

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By Jerry Tsai

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