TEST BENCH – Reef’s RC BLK 900 Smart Programmable Servo

TEST BENCH – Reef’s RC BLK 900 Smart Programmable Servo


Reef’s latest addition to their already expansive lineup is the BLK 900 SMART programmable servo. This multi-use servo was created by Reef’s RC for use as either a powerful steering servo for the most demanding crawler applications, or as a super strong servo winch. The BLK 900 Smart features a machined aluminum outer case with a black anodized finish for excellent wear resistance. The case features integrated heatsink fins and laser etched Reef’s and model logos all around.

The BLK 900 Smart features metal gears throughout along with internal ball bearings for strength and support. The servo also includes an impressive 4-pole brushless motor that provides up to 940oz-in of torque and a .10s response time with 8.4V supplied power. The BLK 900 Smart also features a magnetic angle sensor and programmable PWM for precise control. The servo weighs in at less than 3oz and measures 1.57in x 0.79in x 1.5in (LWH). Like other Reef’s servos, the BLK 900 Smart uses a 25T servo spline and is fully waterproofed and sealed from the elements. The BLK 900 Smart can be custom programmed using the optional Reef’s USB Link and their free programming software.

Reef’s RC BLK 900 Smart Programmable Servo

Reef’s RC BLK 900 Smart Programmable Servo


Installing the BLK 900 Smart into the test crawler was simple and easy, as can be expected from a standard sized servo. The BLK 900 Smart has a feel of true quality and craftsmanship that gives one a real appreciation for the Reef’s design team. The machining quality is top-notch, and the weight and precision of the servo instill confidence in the component.

With it mounted to the crawler I instantly noticed an increase in overall performance, from the strength to the speed and most definitely the precision. Crawler tires tend to get stuck in obstacles at the worst possible times and not having a powerful enough servo to get them out will guarantee a bad time. Nothing can be quite as unfortunate as getting your rig stuck and turning your wheels only to find that you broke your servo. Sometimes it’s the gears, sometimes it’s the spline, but at the end of the day it means the servo just wasn’t up to the task. With the BLK 900 Smart that is most certainly not an issue.

The sheer amount of power the 900 Smart outputs means that the driver receives ultimate control and capability in just about any given crawling situation. In real world terms, the crazy amount of torque that the 900 Smart provided while driving meant that I could make micro adjustments mid-obstacle, even while my tires were twisted and bunched up, allowing me to perfectly fine tune my line while navigating the course. I will even go so far as to say that I would not recommend the 900 Smart unless you have a good set of beadlock wheels along with high quality tires and foam inserts. It’s just so good at delivering power while remaining so extremely precise that you truly need some high-quality rubber to meet the servo’s high level of performance. As for programming, using the optional Reef’s USB Link and their free software made custom adjusting servo parameters a simple and easy task. The servo is default programmed for steering applications but can be custom set as a winch by using the programming software.

All in all, this servo packs some serious performance in a standard sized footprint. The precision and torque are very impressive, and the overall quality and feel are unmatched. If you’re in the market for a high-performance steering servo or winch for your own crawler, then I’d recommend picking up one of the new BLK 900 Smart servos from Reef’s RC.

Reef’s RC BLK 900 Smart Programmable Servo
MSRP: $179
Model: SEHREEFS118

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Updated: May 16, 2024 — 7:53 PM
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