TEST BENCH – Powerhobby RC Aluminum Multi-Function Shock Pliers

TEST BENCH – Powerhobby RC Aluminum Multi-Function Shock Pliers


The Powerhobby RC Multi-Function Shock Pliers are designed for building and maintaining RC shocks and shock parts. At the front, the pliers feature a stepped set of jaws, opening between 4mm and 15mm, to help press in and assemble rod ends and ball links.

Just behind the jaws, the pliers feature three different cutouts to hold various sizes of shock shafts, from 2mm up to 5mm in diameter. Two differently sized shock body cutouts sit just behind the shock shaft grooves. The smaller cutout is meant for 1/10-sized shocks, while the rear cutout is perfect for larger 1/8-scale shock bodies. The rear also features a handy notch to hold onto Deans and T-style battery terminals, great for quick solder jobs at the track.

Located just behind the shock body cutouts is a pivot ball press. This handy feature offers a quick and easy way to remove pivot balls from

suspension rod ends. Both sides of the pliers feature built-in hardware rulers, with grooved cutouts on each handle for measuring screw and shock shaft length. The handles also feature several differently sized holes that are perfect for quick measurements as well as being useful for holding onto bullet connectors, suspension shafts, and anything else you may need held in place. The multi-function pliers are made from machined billet aluminum and feature a satin anodized finish with a brightly colored beveled edge. These pliers are built to provide years of service and will look good while doing it.


The first thing I noticed when taking the pliers out of the packaging was the level of quality of the coating and material. The aluminum feels really nice in the hands and the anodization

is consistent and smooth across the entire tool. I especially like the bright blue beveled edge, as it just adds a little something extra to the tool. Sure, tools don’t need to look cool—but also, why can’t they?

Each cutout in the pliers works exactly as intended, gripping nicely onto shock bodies and shafts without leaving any trace of wear or tool marks. I was pleased to see that the pliers held tightly onto shock components without having to apply too much pressure, which gives the user a lot of confidence in the tool. Confidence in your tools is a great thing to have, especially when doing a lot of maintenance, as it means just one less thing you have to worry about. Additionally, the pivot ball press works extremely well and makes quick work of the task.

Removing pivot balls from links can be a daunting procedure without the proper tools, so having a press like this at the ready can be a huge help in turning an annoying job into an easy one. Another nice feature is the integrated Deans plug holder in the larger shock body cutout. I tend to keep a small soldering jig in my pit box, but there have been many times in the past where all I had was a set of regular pliers to hold onto the plug for quick solder jobs.

Usually this ended up in the plug slipping, which ultimately lead to burnt fingertips and many expletives being muttered at inanimate objects. This little cutout holds so nice and tight onto the Deans terminal that I had no issue with it slipping at all. In fact, I’d be just as confident in these pliers holding onto the terminal as I am with my soldering jig. The pivot point of the pliers features a countersunk M3 screw that threads into a tensioned lock nut, so a simple turn one way or the other will allow you to easily adjust the plier tension as you see fit. All in all, these pliers pack a boatload of features into a compact tool, making them an excellent multi-tasker and a perfect addition to just about any enthusiast’s toolkit.

Powerhobby RC Aluminum
Multi-Function Shock Pliers
P/N: PH2002
MSRP: $24.95
URL: powerhobby.com

Powerhobby RC Aluminum Multi-Function Shock Pliers

Powerhobby RC Aluminum Multi-Function Shock Pliers

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Text and Images by Lauren Short

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