TEST BENCH – Gens Ace Adventure 3600mAh 11.4V 3S LiHV Battery

TEST BENCH – Gens Ace Adventure 3600mAh 11.4V 3S LiHV Battery


Gens Ace Adventure LiPo batteries are designed for use in all surface RC applications and are especially suited for high-demand RC crawlers. The Gens Ace Adventure 3600mAh LiHV form factor is specially designed to fit perfectly into most RC crawler battery trays and storage compartments while still providing a large capacity and loads of power output. This 3600mAh LiHV is a 3-cell LiPo battery with high-voltage cells that hold a nominal charge of 11.4 volts versus 11.1 volts from standard 3S LiPo batteries.

The 3600mAh LiHV has a continuous 60C output, with burst capabilities reaching up to 100C. This battery includes the innovative Gens Ace 1to3 power plug that allows the use of swappable XT60 or Deans style connectors by simply switching a small plug adapter. Gens Ace Adventure batteries feature low internal resistance cells to maximize performance and battery stability, leading to better run times and a longer overall battery lifespan. The Gens Ace Adventure 3600mAh LiHV 11.4V pack measures at 90mm in length by 42mm in width by 25mm height.


Our first impression of the Gens Ace Adventure LiHV battery was that it’s very well-made. The cell wrapping is clean and tight, with no signs of over-stretched material, no loose parts, and very secure high-quality wiring. The 3600mAh LiHV pack fits nice and snug into the battery tray of our test rig, the tried-and-true Axial Capra. The battery tray on the Capra is a fairly standard fit for short packs and a great gauge of testing batteries meant for use in crawler applications. The Gens Ace Adventure 3600mAh pack slides right into the tray without issue and holds in place nicely, even without the aid of battery tie-downs.

Power output from the LiHV pack was impressive, giving our brushed motor rig a noticeable boost in power over a standard 11.1V LiPo. This may seem like a minimal difference, but that extra bit of voltage can go a long way. That being said, we felt that the 3600mAh LiHV Adventure pack would also be as perfectly suited for high-demand brushless applications just as as it is for our brushed crawler.

The added convenience of the 1to3 power plug is a welcomed innovation, allowing for use with both XT60 and Deans style connectors without having to worry about rewiring the battery or bringing along cumbersome wire adapters. The small, simple 1to3 adapters fit securely in place within the 1to3 plug, locking tightly once installed. This is by far one of the best features of the pack besides its great performance and makes the Gens Ace Adventure pack one of the most versatile battery packs that we have tested thus far. If you’re looking for a high-performance battery that can handle some of the most demanding crawler applications, we highly recommend the Gens Ace Adventure 3600mAh 3S LiHV battery pack.

Gens Ace Adventure
3600mAh 11.4V 3S LiHV Battery
P/N: GEA36003S60T3
MSRP: $51.49

TEST BENCH - Gens Ace Adventure 3600mAh 11.4V 3S LiHV Battery

TEST BENCH - Gens Ace Adventure 3600mAh 11.4V 3S LiHV Battery

TEST BENCH - Gens Ace Adventure 3600mAh 11.4V 3S LiHV Battery

Text and Images by Lauren Short

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