TEST BENCH – Eartec UltraPAK w/ Cyber Headset

TEST BENCH – Eartec UltraPAK  w/ Cyber Headset


Eartec offers many communications solutions for RC and sporting enthusiasts, one of which is their UltraPAK belt-mounted transceiver. This handy unit tucks away onto the user’s belt and features a Kenwood-style 2-prong plug so you can hook up a wired headset. Eartec conveniently offers the UltraPAK transceiver with their Cyber Headset, a lightweight wired headset that works perfectly with the UltraPAK unit.

Like Eartec’s standalone headsets, the UltraPAK features full duplex communication for completely hands-free operation, eliminating the need for PTT and signal buttons. The UIltraPAK uses the same rechargeable lithium battery as their UltraLITE headsets, making it a great standalone unit or addition to an existing Eartec headset collection. The built-in belt clip allows the unit to be attached to belts, bags, and various other webbing, and can be completely removed in case you simply want to tuck the UltraPAK into a pouch or pocket. The unit weighs in at a super light 3.8 ounces with battery, making it an excellent choice for anyone who is trying to conserve on the weight of their gear.

The Cyber Headset is an ultralight, wire-frame single ear headset that weighs in at only about ½ an ounce. The headset’s wire frame can be easily shaped to fit the user’s head for maximum comfort. The version included with this combo comes with a 2-prong plug specifically for use with the UltraPAK transceiver. The wire is long enough to accommodate almost everyone who will use this headset and is thin enough that it can be easily tucked out of the way for convenience. The microphone sits on the left side of the headset, with a foam-covered pad on the right.


The UltraPAK is extremely lightweight yet feels solidly constructed. The unit is made from a high-impact plastic that gives it an overall durable feeling. The integrated belt mount easily clipped to my belt, allowing for use on both my left and right sides. As with Eartec’s other offerings, the transceiver outputs a crystal-clear signal that is easy to understand. Adjusting the volume from the UIltraPAK was simple and only required pressing one of the two volume buttons to do so. Additionally, the built-in mic mute button is easy to access and comes in handy when muting the microphone is required. The rechargeable battery is easy to access, quick to recharge, and easily replaceable with recharged spares if needed.

I found the Cyber Headset to be a great ultralight comms option. The headset is so light that I almost forgot I was wearing it at times. I like that the wire is long enough to route under my gear or t-shirt, which was handy to keep it out of the way. The shape of the Cyber Headset also works perfectly with outdoor style straw hats, making it an excellent option for RC crawler enthusiasts. It’s basically impossible to wear an overhead headset with a straw hat, so it’s great to have something like this available. I can easily see the UltraPAK and Cyber Headset being a go-to solution for any RC crawler enthusiast who is looking for a way to stay connected with their friends and family while out on the trail.

Eartec UltraPAK w/ Cyber Headset
MSRP: $224

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Text and Images by Lauren Short

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Updated: October 3, 2023 — 6:46 PM
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