TEST BENCH – CowRC Moo-Slick Silicone Spray

TEST BENCH – CowRC Moo-Slick Silicone Spray


CowRC Moo-Slick is a dry silicone spray that works as both a parts lubricant and a parts protectant in one solution. Moo-Slick is a specially formulated, fast-drying silicone spray that is safe for almost all RC surfaces. Ideal for use after cleaning, Moo-Slick sprays on evenly and dries quickly to leave behind a protectant and lubricating film that is impervious to water, oils, and even prevents corrosion and rust. Stable up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, Moo-Slick won’t melt, so it can be used on parts near nitro engines and higher-heat applications. The spray is not electronics-safe but can be applied to the exterior of electronic parts by first spraying it onto a cloth and then lightly applying it to the exterior of the desired part. Moo-Slick comes in a 16-oz. aerosol can and can be ordered with several spray tip options depending on your desired application.


My first impressions of CowRC’s Moo-Slick were nothing less than positive. Like many other products in their lineup, Moo-Slick just plain works as intended. The spray goes on cleanly and dries very quickly, leaving almost no trace behind. After applying the spray, it might collect in some crevices and sharper corners of parts, but that can be remedied easily with a quick wipe from a cleaning cloth. After that, the part is left with a thin film of protectant that aids nicely in keeping thick dirt and grime from accumulating, helping to speed up the cleaning process the next time around. It’s especially handy to keep loose dust and dirt from caking up on parts, only requiring a quick burst of air from a compressor to get the parts looking good again.

Though Moo-Slick won’t be a replacement for full deep cleaning after long race weekends and dirtier bash sessions, it certainly works nicely to prevent finer dirt from building up. As a lubricant, Moo-Slick is perfect for hinge pins, bushings, gearing, and various other open moving parts. Because it is a dry lubricant, it won’t attract dust to the parts and does a great job of keeping things working smoothly. If you are looking for a solution to both lubricate and protect your RC parts, CowRC’s Moo-Slick is a great option.

CowRC Moo-Slick Silicone Spray
MSRP: $11.99
SKU: CPP-C35011111

TEST BENCH - CowRC Moo-Slick Silicone Spray

TEST BENCH - CowRC Moo-Slick Silicone Spray

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