TEST BENCH – CowRC MOO-Kleen Part & Chassis Wash

TEST BENCH – CowRC  MOO-Kleen  Part  &  Chassis  Wash


There are lots of cleaning products out there, and I’m of course not talking about just RC-specific cleaners either. So with so many different products available it can sometimes be hard to know which ones are the right ones for the job. We spend a lot of money investing into our beloved hobby, so it’s only right that we take extra care with the chemicals we use to clean our RC models. Luckily for all of us, CowRC has a strong lineup of products specifically tailored to the different cleaning needs we have in the RC hobby.
CowRC’s MOO-Kleen Part and Chassis Wash is a non-corrosive pH balanced cleaning formula meant for use on all types of RC surfaces. MOO-Kleen Part and Chassis Wash is safe on all RC plastics, polymers, rubbers, and anodized surfaces. MOO-Kleen has also been formulated to not degrade surface lubricants or tire rubber and will not age the plastics of your RC model. CowRC offers MOO-Kleen Part and Chassis Wash in a 32oz spray bottle, as shown here, as well as 1 gallon and 5 gallon containers for larger cleaning jobs and refilling spray bottles.


To test out the MOO-Kleen Part and Chassis Wash, I figured why not continue with the theme and give the Capra a good deep cleaning while I’m at it. I already used the CowRC Jet Blaster to blow off the accumulated dust, so I may as well finish the job! I followed CowRC’s instructions by spraying down the chassis and components with the cleaner. I was liberal with my application of the cleaner since my electronics on the kit are all waterproof, but CowRC mentions that the Part and Chassis Wash is not electronics safe, so you may want to be more cautious than I was.
After the first few minutes I noticed the dirt started to lift away with the cleaner, pulling the stubborn dirt that air couldn’t remove away from the crevices and hard to reach areas. I also gave the wheels and tires a thorough cleaning since they deserved it as well. Right away the wheels looked squeaky clean, and the tires looked refreshed and new.
A little bit of MOO-Kleen seems to do wonders for a truck that has sat around coated with dust. After applying the MOO-Kleen and waiting the recommended amount of time, I got into some areas with a microfiber rag to wipe any excess debris and then finished up the job with the return of the CowRC Jet Blaster to give it a fast high-pressure air dry. I think the photos will speak for themselves, but in case they don’t, I’m impressed with how well CowRC’s MOO-Kleen Part and Chassis Wash works. It lifted away the dirt and left my Capra sitting pretty, ready to neatly adorn my shelf until the next time I take it to the trail. Next time you’re in need of a cleaner for your RC model, be sure to consider a bottle of CowRC MOO-Kleen Part and Chassis Wash.

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | TEST BENCH – CowRC  MOO-Kleen  Part  &  Chassis  Wash

RC Car Action - RC Cars & Trucks | TEST BENCH – CowRC  MOO-Kleen  Part  &  Chassis  Wash

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Updated: October 12, 2021 — 1:53 PM
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