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TEST BENCH – CowRC Jet Blaster

TEST BENCH – CowRC Jet Blaster


CowRC’s Jet Blaster is a portable, reusable solution to the need for high pressure air at the track and in the workshop. The Jet Blaster features a ¾ horsepower high-speed motor that when combined with the included attachments creates a high pressure stream of air that rivals canned air and even small air compressors. The unit plugs into 120V AC and can be used anywhere that has a spare power plug. A full set of attachments are included for all RC cleaning needs, from lower pressure air to blow off a car body, a high pressure nozzle for deep chassis cleaning, and even micro attachments to get deep inside those hard to reach areas like under ESC fan and other tight areas on your RC vehicle. The CowRC Jet Blaster measures at portable 8” in height and 3.5” in diameter making it a great addition to any RC pit bag.


If you’ve been into the RC hobby for any length of time you know that cleanup is as much a part of the hobby as driving and wrenching. Simply brushing off your vehicle will just never do a good enough job at cleaning, so most RC enthusiasts reach for something more powerful like an air compressor or canned air to get the job done. And while that’s all well and good, not everyone has access to an air compressor, and using compressed air to clean your RC vehicles every time just ends up becoming extremely wasteful. Luckily the CowRC Jet Blaster exists. For those that want their own portable high-pressure air supply when they need it, the Jet Blaster does just the trick. Simply attach any one of the included nozzles and you’re ready to start cleaning in no time.
For this test I decided to take my trusty Capra off the shelf. As much as cleaning is an important part of the RC hobby, I tend to put it off a lot of the time, so this crawler has sat on one shelf or another for the better part of a year covered in dust. I’ve had it out on the trail quite a few times and always end up leaving it sitting dusty and dirty, so I figured it would make for a great way to see if the Jet Blaster is up to the task. My first impression was that the Jet Blaster, although somewhat loud, is much quieter than a running air compressor. It just sounds like a hand vacuum, or maybe a regular vacuum, but either way it’s relatively quiet. My next impression was that this thing really blows, and by blows, I mean it does its job. The air supply coming from that little ¾ horsepower motor is a true miniature force to be reckoned with. And when you attach the high-pressure nozzle? Simply magic. I was able to take the Jet Blaster across the entire vehicle and in no more than a matter of minutes the Capra was free from months of caked-on dirt and debris, leaving behind a dust-free chassis. Consider me impressed.
Admittedly I do have an air compressor at home but if we are being honest, I think I’d rather use the Jet Blaster most of the time instead. Not only is it quieter than my air compressor it also does a similar job in terms of cleaning ability and it’s portable. This little gadget made cleaning that much easier and makes for a great addition to the RC pit box. You never know when you’ll need a dose of high-pressure air for your RC cleaning needs, so when you do you should definitely reach for a CowRC Jet Blaster.

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Updated: October 12, 2021 — 1:53 PM

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