TEST BENCH – CowRC Jet Blaster Turbo

TEST BENCH – CowRC Jet Blaster Turbo


CowRC improves upon their popular air cleaning tool with the Jet Blaster Turbo. Like the regular Jet Blaster, the Turbo model is a portable high-power electric air cleaner meant for a multitude of RC cleaning tasks. CowRC worked directly with the manufacturer of the tool, Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner, to further improve its capabilities and relevance for RC applications.

The Jet Blaster Turbo features a powerful 1.4-horsepower electric motor with variable speed settings, so you adjust the air pressure to exactly what you need. It is designed as an alternative to an air compressor and boasts several advantages such as its portability, less noise compared to a standard air compressor, and no need to lug around or fill an air tank.

This Turbo model features an 11-foot grounded power cord and plugs directly into a 120V AC wall outlet. Like the original model, the Turbo includes a full set of attachments for all your RC cleaning needs: two larger low-pressure pieces and one high-pressure minimum reduction nozzle. The Turbo model measures about 9 inches high and around 7 inches at its widest point, without attachments. A heavy duty carry handle is fixed to the side of the unit to help with ergonomics and grip on the tool while it’s in use.


As with the original design, the Jet Blaster Turbo is a great tool for general cleaning of your RC kit when you don’t have access to or don’t want to use an air compressor. Where the Turbo model really shines compared to the original is its adjustable speed. The ability to control the output of air is huge and really expands the versatility of the tool. Another improvement is the power from the internal motor, coming in at almost twice the power of the original. This, combined with the included attachments, makes for a seriously impressive cleaning tool. The carry handle on the side is comfortable and ergonomic, making handling the extra weight of the larger Turbo model just as easy as using the smaller original model.

Speaking of size, the Turbo model is a good deal larger than the original Jet Blaster, but still remains decently portable. Still smaller than compact air compressors, the Jet Blaster Turbo will fit nicely in a larger pit box or gear bag. Comparing it to readily available household utility tools, I’d say it’s similar to a small hand vacuum and handles very similarly as well. On that note, the Jet Blaster Turbo is not much louder than a small hand vacuum, either. Even cranked to the highest setting it wasn’t a nuisance. I wouldn’t suggest using it in the middle of the night, but at the track or in the home workshop it’ll be fine.

The Jet Blaster Turbo is also extremely easy to use. Simply plug the cord into an AC outlet and turn the dial to your speed setting of choice. The speed adjustment is linear, so it allows you to fine-tune the exact speed you want, rather than using individual set speeds. I really like this feature a lot since it allowed me to dial in exactly how much pressure I needed at the time of cleaning. Combine that with the included attachments and you’ve got yourself a large range of air pressure options. If you are in the market for a useful cleaning tool to add to your tool kit, then I highly suggest you consider CowRC’s new Jet Blaster Turbo.

CowRC Jet Blaster Turbo
P/N: CPP-A6211116
MSRP: $179.99

TEST BENCH - CowRC Jet Blaster Turbo

TEST BENCH - CowRC Jet Blaster Turbo

TEST BENCH - CowRC Jet Blaster Turbo

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