TEST BENCH – Bittydesign Vinyl Paint Stencil

TEST BENCH – Bittydesign Vinyl Paint Stencil


Bittydesign Vinyl Paint Stencils are a line of pre-cut stencils intended for DIY painters as a relatively easy way to add graphic elements to any RC paint job. These stencils are laser-cut for precision and feature no adhesives so they’re completely reusable. The thin, flexible sheets are available in multiple designs so you can choose your favorite one. The stencils are resistant to both water- and solvent-based paints, making them an excellent choice for all types of RC painting. Each stencil is neatly packaged and comes with a laser-etched Bittydesign logo and stencil SKU so you can reference the exact design if needed.


Full disclosure: I originally bought these thinking they were vinyl sticker sheets. I purchased several designs from a popular online RC retailer, and to be honest, they’re photographed in a way that didn’t quite do a good job of showcasing what they actually are. But to be fair, photographing a white plastic stencil on a white backdrop can be difficult (ask me how I know). So, needless to say, I was a bit confused when I received laser-cut stencils and not vinyl stickers. Confusion aside, if I had taken a few minutes to visit Bitty’s actual website before buying I would have known exactly what I was getting, as their site shows exactly what they are and even some examples of them being used.

Now that that’s mentioned and out of the way, let’s talk about the quality and the testing. The Bitty stencils don’t actually appear to be vinyl. I’m not sure if it’s a translation issue or possibly just mislabeling. The stencils seem more like very thin sheets of mylar, a translucent polyethylene material that’s commonly used for this purpose. I’ve worked with mylar many times in the past and can say with confidence that it’s an excellent material for paint stencils. It is extremely flexible so you can bend as needed without worrying about it breaking or tearing. As for the detail, the stencil graphics are extremely accurate to what you see on Bitty’s website and are of great quality, with very sharp, precise cuts.

When it comes to using the stencils, I will say it takes a skilled hand to use these as well, as Bitty’s website shows. I know he paints a lot of bodies and is well-known for some amazing-looking pre-painted shells, so it makes sense that the example photos showcase some excellent work. I am no pro, so my first paint job with this stencil didn’t turn out amazingly well. I was going for a subtle metallic-black-against-standard-black look, but since the stencil doesn’t sit perfectly against the surface of the body it allowed for quite a bit of overspray.

I think with more practice I may get the hang of using these stencils, but I can’t fully recommend them for beginners or less-experienced painters, as they seem to require a good amount of skill to use properly. On the bright side, the sheets are well cut, made from great material, and Bitty offers several unique designs. If you are fairly skilled with an airbrush and are looking for a well-made stencil to add to your painting kit, these are worth considering. In the meantime, I still need some practice.

Bittydesign Vinyl Paint Stencil
MSRP: €4.90 ($5.25 at the time of writing)
URL: bittydesign.net

TEST BENCH - Bittydesign Vinyl Paint Stencil

TEST BENCH - Bittydesign Vinyl Paint Stencil

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