TEST BENCH – Bauer Modular Toolbox System

TEST BENCH – Bauer Modular Toolbox System


Bauer Modular Toolboxes make up a multi-piece portable toolbox system from Harbor Freight. Made from durable resin materials and designed for heavy use, each toolbox in the system works in tandem with the others, ultimately comprising a five-piece set. The lowest and largest box, the Modular Rolling Toolbox, features a rolling design that also includes a handle for easy maneuverability. This deep box is meant to hold taller and bulkier items and includes an internal tray and large-diameter wheels for ultimate mobility.

The next box in the system is the Large Modular Toolbox. This box includes a heavy duty carrying handle and an internal divider system that allows users to adjust the interior spacing however they see fit. Both these dividers feature integrated loops designed to hold screwdrivers, pliers and various other tools. Next in the modular lineup is the Modular Storage Tote. This box is more akin to a parts crate with an open top and vented sides, making it perfect for items that need to remain easily accessible as well as for anything that requires ventilation.

The fourth box in the system is the Small Modular Toolbox. This box features a side handle and smaller internal dividers along with some sealed parts containers. Last but not least is the Storage System Modular Organizer. This box features a see-through lid along with a suite of internal bins that are perfect for small tools and parts. The bins can be oriented however you like and can even be removed fully to make room for larger items. All boxes are made from durable resin and all but the Modular Tote feature robust metal latches. Each box links to one another with side locking latches, allowing users to stack all five boxes in the system together.

Bauer Modular Toolbox System

Bauer Modular Toolbox System

Bauer Modular Toolbox System


Having a well-designed portable toolbox system is a real game-changer in the RC hobby. Carrying everything you need from tools to replacement parts, fuel and starter boxes, batteries, chargers, and even actual RC cars opens tons of possibilities for where you go and how prepared you will be when you get there. What we found with the Bauer system is that it did just that by allowing us to lug around everything we needed on our outings. What’s great about the modularity of the system is that you can also pick and choose exactly what you bring. Only need your tools and a couple parts? Take the smaller box. Getting ready for a full weekend event and need the whole kit? No problem; just link them together, roll them to your car or truck and you’re ready to go.

The durability and build quality of the products further add to their appeal and usefulness. With their robust handles, latches and wheels, these boxes are designed to hold up to the rigors and abuses a toolbox will inevitably see in its lifetime. The internal dividers and accoutrements open the possibilities for just how each box can be used, not limiting any one of them to a particular task but really allowing the user to custom tailor them to the task at hand. If you’re looking for a portable solution to hold all your tools, parts, even your RC vehicles, then we strongly recommend considering the Bauer Modular Toolbox System from Harbor Freight.

Bauer Modular Toolbox System

Modular Rolling Toolbox
SKU: 58512
MSRP: $69.99

Large Modular Toolbox
SKU: 58511
MSRP: $39.99

Modular Storage Tote
SKU: 58649
MSRP: $19.99

Small Modular Toolbox
SKU: 58510
MSRP: $29.99

Storage System Modular Organizer
SKU: 58513
MSRP: $34.99


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