Tekin Wins At Motorama Indoor Rock Crawling Challenge

Tekin Wins At Motorama Indoor Rock Crawling Challenge

Tekin driver Arthur Bell filed the following race report from the Indoor Rock Crawling Challenge at Motorama.

“Next up was 1.9 Pro, this time only the top 5 were advancing and I was ready as I drove my first course my goal was only to complete it, it was a tough course but I finished with a 14, on to the next one with a little more confidence in my rig and finished with a 6. As I approached my third and final course the judges were calculating, to make the top 5 I needed to get negative score, -7 would do, I looked at them and said, ” no pressure, eh??”. I put my rig in it’s place on the course and started, gate one was no issue but as I approached gate two a wheel got stuck in a hole and flipped my truck upside down!! I took a breath and just tried to work it out, using the throttle to rock the rig back and forth so it would flip itself back over, now I was worried that the timer was getting low, and finally it righted itself!! I still had 4 more gates to go!! Ok, back to work!! Finally got lined up and drove gate 2 without a problem and managed to drive the remaining gates without issue, finished!! Thinking I had blown my chances, I looked up at the Judge and asked what I got. Chris from RC Driver magazine was the Judge, and he said “thanks a lot, you got a -7 and bumped me from the top 5!!” We shared a laugh and then turned my final score in. It was good enough not only for top 5, but 3rd place!! As I was the last one to run, it was time for some food and rest, tomorrow is the top 5 finals!! Day 3: Day 3 started the same as day 2, up early, coffee, and off to the event!! The 2.2 Pro top 25 was up first and the drivers came to work! As I was judging I only able to see one course, but as usual it was brutal and difficult to navigate and kept the drivers thinking!! Soon it was over and the top 5 drivers had been determined, and all were running FXR’s!! Next up was the 1.9 top 5 finals. Due to the points gaps and points system, unless a driver had a catastrophic failure or melt down, the finishing place would most likely remain the same, and they did. I finished the day in 3rd place, which I am happy with as this was the first time I had ever driven the rig!!”

2 1.9 nitrojeff
3 1.9 PaloAltoK5 (Tekin FXR)
4 1.9 Dclinch
5 1.9 RCROCIN’

1 2.2 Renoirbud (Tekin FXR)
2 2.2 xrra_tj (Tekin FXR)
3 2.2 TURBOFEST (Tekin FXR)
4 2.2 nitrojeff 3 (Tekin FXR)
5 2.2 BullfrogRC (Tekin FXR

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 3:19 PM
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