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Kyosho Teases Hellcat & Charger Models With New Video

Kyosho Teases Hellcat & Charger Models With New Video

That’s what it looks like to us, anyway. The teaser clip reveals plenty of calling cards for the 707hp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and a 1968-70 Charger. The video has engine sounds, which could mean the cars have simulated engine-sound systems. Or, Kyosho is just using the sound as ear candy for the video. Also unknown is the cars’ scale; based on the body posts and clips, it looks like they’re 1/10 scale models. New additions to the Fazer line? We’ll see.


Kyosho Hellcat 1

The stepped grill, SRT badging and vents in place of lights flanking the lower grill opening say “Hellcat.”


Kyosho charger

There’s no mistaking this face. The thick chrome surround, side vents, and hidden headlights make this a Charger from the 1968-1970 run. Plus, you can see the Charger badge–that’s kind of a a giveaway. But is that an “R/T” next to it, or a “500”?

Updated: September 10, 2015 — 11:53 AM
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