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New from Orion:

The Team Orion Vortex Race Spec BL ESC is a brushless speed controller for racers. It features the latest brushless technology and is ready for the hottest motors on the market.

VFS – Variable Frequency System

The unique variable Frequency System is responsible for the super smooth response of the controller. It optimizes the driving frequency in relation to the throttle position. Like this the motor is always at best efficiency and the driver gets a smooth but precise control at any time.

Ultra Low Profile Design

To ensure a very low CG, the electronic components of the Vortex Race Spec controller are designed as flat as possible and are positioned as low as possible. Car designers optimize the CG of their chassis – with the Race Spec controller we follow this strategy.

Setup possibilities

The Race Spec Controller comes with 5 pre-set setups which have been optimized by our international racing team. These settings work the best for the most popular categories. For pro’s who want to addapt the setups, it is possible using our special USB cable and software.

Packaging content

The brushless sensor technology of the Race Spec Controller is ready for motors with at least 4.5 turns (without fan) and 2.5 turn motors with fan. You can buy the controller with and without cooling set.

The Team Orion Vortex Race Spec BL ESC is available at your local store next week!


  • Ultra low profile brushless speed control
  • Variable frequency system (pat.)
  • Sensored technology
  • Brake and driving frequency control
  • Interactive communication system (ICS)
  • 52 step driving frequency
  • 5 pre-set profiles
  • Easy setup procedure
  • 5 user profiles
  • 4.5T motors without fan
  • 2.5T motors with fan
  • Battery protection system
  • IFMAR World Champion technology

Technical specifications:

  • Compatible motors: sensored brushless motors for EP RC cars (star winding only)
  • Control method: variable frequency PWM
  • Peak max current: 3120 A (FET spec)
  • Continuous max current: 780 A (FET spec)
  • Input voltage range: 4.8 V – 7.4 V (NiCd, NiMH and LiPo)
  • BEC output voltage: 6V
  • BEC output current: 2A (peak max)
  • Drive frequency: 52 steps (2 KHz – 12KHz) 32 positions
  • Brake frequency: 52 steps (500 Hz – 2.5 KHz)
  • Dimensions: 33.4 x 37.0 x 16.8 (mm)
  • Weight: 30.8 g
  • Directions: Forward and brake
  • Minimum turn count: 4.5T (2.5T with cooling system installed)

Part numbers

ORI65006 Vortex Race (Limit 4.5)
ORI65007 Vortex Race with Cooling Set (Limit 2.5T)
ORI65022 Vortex Race Cooling set (heatsink and fan)
ORI66015 Vortex Race Combo Touring (With Vortex Race Motor 4.5)
ORI66016 Vortex Race Combo Buggy (With Vortex Race Motor 6.5)
ORI66017 Vortex Race Combo Buggy (With Vortex Race Motor 7.5)
ORI66018 Vortex Race Stock 10.5 (With Vortex Stock 10.5)
ORI66019 Vortex Race Stock 13.5 (With Vortex Stock 13.5)


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