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Team Orion Advantage charging system

Team Orion Advantage charging system
Here’s the official story according to Team Orion:
The all new Advantage advanced charging system packs all the functions you want from a charger and more. Just to name a few ones, fully adjustable step charging, with this the user can specify different charge rates to be used for the charge. This allows the pack to store more energy and maintain pack temperature to an optimal level during charge. Fully adjustable delta-peak, capacity or temperature cut-off. Cycling function with storage of the measured data. Motor run-in capability. USB data port to monitor and store data on your computer. We have even built in a stopwatch and a lap counter in this charger! All these groundbreaking features are easily accessible through our “Easy 2 charge” interface. The interface itself can be set to a language that better suits you (4 in total).
For more info, visit Team Orion.

Updated: January 6, 2011 — 8:07 PM
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