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Team Magic Lightweight Futaba Transmitter Battery Pack 10.8v 1100mah (AAA size)


From Team Magic:

Have you ever thought about the weight of your transmitter? They’re mostly quite heavy. Would it not be easier to hold and take less energy from you if it was lighter, especially in those long gas car finals?

The answer is obviously YES!

A large part of the weight in every transmitter is the weight of the battery pack. That’s why it makes sense to try to make a lightweight transmitter battery.

Team Magic introduces a new transmitter battery pack for Futaba transmitters, one of the best known transmitter makers.

 Turbo 35 Approved

To get the weight of the Lightweight Futaba Transmitter Pack down as low as possible, Team Magic chose to use AAA size cells. The cells used are no cheap, unreliable and untested cells, instead high quality 1100mah AAA cells are used.  The cells are all tested with the industry’s highest standard Competition Electronics Turbo 35 GFX, another unique feature for the Team Magic transmitter battery packs.

 Better Performance

The Team Magic Lightweight Futaba Transmitter Battery Pack uses nine cells instead of eight, giving the pack a total of 10.8V! The smaller size and lighter weight of AAA cells make this possible, as the pack remains much smaller and lighter even with nine cells.

The nine cells will give you 10.8V, compared to the 9.6V of you usual transmitter battery. The added voltage means you’re more in control as the transmitter will perform better due to the additional 1.2V. By adding the extra cell the chance of losing control is minimized! Yet another standout feature of the Team Magic transmitter battery!

 Compact Size w/ Lightweight

The size of the battery is just 93 x 46 x 11mm – talk about small! The weight of the whole item is only 133 grams! This means it’s a lot lighter than most batteries available, something you will notice when you swap batteries in your Futaba transmitter.

 High quality wire and connector

Team Magic’s quest for perfection obviously did not stop at choosing the highest quality cells. Every component of each product has to fulfill the highest demands, and as a result the Team Magic Lightweight Futaba Transmitter Battery Pack uses wire and connectors of the highest standard. The extra-soft 20 gauge wire is thicker and softer than what other brands use, while the metal plug is gold plated!

As Team Magic looks to make every products display their dedication to beautiful design, the Team Magic Lightweight Futaba Transmitter Battery Pack is not your usual ugly transmitter battery pack. Instead it is covered in a Team Magic’s trademark grey and orange colors with proper graphics. Even the wires get the orange/grey treatment while the plug comes in orange with the Team Magic logo stamped! Never has a transmitter battery pack looked this good!

The battery packs included with transmitter’s are usually not up to the job. Get the Team Magic Lightweight Futaba Transmitter Battery Pack for your transmitter and take advantage of the most innovative transmitter battery on the market. The 1100mah pack will give you lots of track time between charges, while its AAA cell configuration makes sure it’s a more comfortable time.

Spec: Ideal for use in most transmitters.  Dimension: 93x46x11mm.  Weight: 133 grams.  Universal type connector.

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