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Team Magic 1/8 M8ER EP Buggy RTR


New from Team Magic


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ESC brushless motor, brushless speed control Motor

  • More powerful, and extremely efficient.
  • Zero-maintenance design.

adjustable rear wing

  • Simply change the angle to adjust the down force for better steering control.

Low CG

  • The low center of gravity helps you to rule the corner more easily and steadily.

4mm shock shaft & 14mm shock absorbers

  • To reduce the impact from the off road track, the wider 4mm shock shaft and 14mm shock absorbers are totally what you need!

All metal gear servo (sustain 9kg weight)

  • The metal gears give the servo stronger movement with much smoother servo travel

special steel arm rod

  • The steel material in the arm rod adds strength and prevents deformation more efficiently

Front/rear anti roll bar

  • Keeps the car planted and prevents flipping when passing through the corners

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