Team Durango DNX408T 1/8 Nitro Truggy

Team Durango DNX408T 1/8 Nitro Truggy

This new truggy from Team Durango is packed with features like front and rear heavy-duty machined alloy suspension hangers, 15mm big bore shocks, molded rubber boots and splash-guards, and much, much more. Check out the official press release below for all the details:

Truggys don’t have to be ugly. In fact, they can be racy and beautiful. Team Durango wanted to design the best performing, best looking Truggy available. From any angle the DNX408T looks ready to win. It looks so good, it even looks fast when it’s standing still. With genuine Team Durango styling, the DNX408T brings a new aesthetic to Truggy racing. Not only does it look amazing, the sleek Durango-ised flow of the bodyshell gives great high-speed stability and low-speed agility. How can a Truggy look this good? It’s easy when it’s a Team Durango DNX408T.

What The Pros Say!

“The DNX408T just soaks up the rough and big landings like they aren’t even there. Couple that with ample amounts of steering and you have a Truggy that feels awe inspiring and super fast around the race track!”

Ryan Lutz

“Out of the box this truck shows great potential. After our first tank of gas with a basic set up I came off the drivers stand with a big smile. Our first outing for the truck was the Nitro Challenge; the response from other racers was really great. You could tell we had their attention by how many competitors came over to check-out the new truck in town. We can’t wait to get some more time with the truck and race it again, it is easy to see the future shows many wins for Team Durango and the DNX408T.”

Carson Wernimont

All Aluminum

Truggys need to be strong. As well as having strength in design, the DNX408T has strong materials all-round to allow you to push for the win each and every time.

Suspension Hangers

Heavy-duty machined alloy suspension hangers, front and rear, keep the DNX408T going, even on the roughest tracks and off the biggest jumps. The DNX408T loves being pushed, so push it hard and you’ll be rewarded with serious amounts of success!


When so much power is going through the transmission, it is important to ensure that the gearboxes are held securely in position. This has been achieved by having machined alloy bulkheads at the front and rear of the DNX408T.

Brake Bulkheads

For precise braking, under the toughest of conditions and the longest of finals, the machined alloy brake bulkheads on the DNX408T are perfect. Consistent and reliable braking is a must for any serious Truggy racer.

Shock Towers

Specially designed with ideal geometry options, the machined alloy shock towers perfectly support the 15mm big bore shocks. They look awesome too!

Spiral Machine-Cut Gears

A solid and reliable drivetrain is a must for any serious Pro level Truggy racer. The all-new, spiral design, machine-cut gears for the DNX408T, have been extensively tested for performance and reliability. Smooth and consistent, they give the DNX408T an internal beauty that compliments the amazing looks of the Truggy.

Multi-Postiion Suspension Tuning

As with all Team Durango race cars, our designers give you tuning and configuration options like the Pros use. Multiple positions for top- and bottom-shock location and camber links means you can fine-tune your DNX408T to any track.

Best Of Both Worlds

With design elements from its DNX408v2 buggy sister, and DEX408 buggy brother (not forgetting Team Durango DNA from our World Championship and Reedy Race winning electric buggies), the DNX408T has all of the best elements of a race-bred Team Durango product. We are serious about racing and we want you to win, and keep winning.

RX Box

The radio box has plenty of space for your chosen receiver, which means you can make your wiring as tidy as possible. The aerial is mounted to the part of the receiver box so that even when the receiver box lid is removed, the aerial stays in position. The DNX408T receiver box has a cool hinged door for inserting and removing the receiver batteries. This means that the batteries and receiver compartment are fully independent.

Fuel Tank

The pressure pipe is located on the lid, resulting in consistent pressure inside the 150cc tank. Also, the neck of the fuel-filler has been profiled to work with the Team Durango fuel gun (#TD390082) and other aftermarket fuel guns. Finally, the DNX408T fuel tank is made from a high-transparency material to make it easy to see exactly how much fuel is inside your tank.

PT Holder And Throttle Mount

The combined personal transponder (PT) and throttle mount is the same part as seen on the DNX408v2 buggy. The PT holder allows easier access to the brake-bias linkage, making alterations fast and uncomplicated. The PT holder remains fixed to the removable radio tray, so the whole assembly can be separated from the main chassis for ease of maintenance.

15mm Big Bore Shocks

Big bore and beautiful. Team Durango’s 15mm big bore shocks keeps your DNX408T planted, and with our optional shock spring sets, you can be sure to get the right set-up for any track and condition.

Dirt Control

Molded rubber boots and splash-guards help you finish your race, even on the dirtiest tracks. Low-maintenance and reduced wear of CVDs and shock shafts are another benefit of being booted and booted.

Angled Steering

The steering bell-cranks follow the line of the suspension kick-up, preventing unwanted bump-steer.

Piston Action Brakes

The brake piston pushes exactly on the middle of the brake pad, and the all-machined bulkheads and brake-pad mounts result in zero flex and maximum feel.

Easy Access Differentials

Diff tuning is a big part of 1/8 nitro off-road racing, so like our DNX408v2 nitro buggy and DEX408 electric buggy, we made diff access super simple on the DNX408T. Not only are you more likely to get your diffs optimised on even the tightest of race schedules, there is no risk of upsetting your suspension set-up when removing and replacing your diffs.

Weight Forward

With a low COG (Centre of Gravity) and weight-forward design, the DNX408T turns precisely and quickly. It laps-up bumps and jumps and makes racing at the highest level look easy.

TD102005 – $599.00

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