Team Durango DEX210v3 1/10 2wd Buggy Kit

Team Durango DEX210v3 1/10 2wd Buggy Kit

First Team Durango showed us their new full-featured and fully adjustable sedan and now they have announced a new 2WD buggy. They are calling it the DEX210V3 and they are calling it the most versatile 2WD race platform currently available. It cam be setup as a rear or mid motor care and you can even choose from a three or four gear transmission. The list of features and adjustments in this buggy is very long and you can read all about it below directly from Durango. I’m willing to bet that it won’t be long before we see new versions of the entire lineup.

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From Team Durango:

The DEX210v3 is a serious race machine that is capable of transforming how you choose to compete in the exciting 2WD 1/10 electric buggy category. Precision engineered from premium materials, this will be the only 2WD you will need to carry to your local track. Designed first by Team Durango, our multi-configuration gearbox means that by purchasing just one car, you get race-winning performance, in all lay-outs, on all surfaces.
The DEX210v3 is the most versatile 2WD race platform currently available, allowing you to access multiple motor positions easily, providing exactly what you need when you hit your local track, no matter which surface or race conditions you decide to challenge. Team Durango’s no compromise philosophy will support your developing RC career, lap-after-lap.

Perfectly suited for a range of track surfaces and racing conditions. Precision designed to maximise performance, from Stock to Modified class racing. Team Durango versatility is engineered as standard, giving you the ultimate 2WD race package for your local track.

Rear Motor configuration places your motor behind the rear driven axle. This configuration is good on medium to low grip surfaces such as clay and loose dirt. Your DEX210v3 will benefit from the added rear-mounted weight, finding extra forward traction exiting corners and super-agile steering in tight areas of the track.

Three or four gear configuration, allowing multiple tuning options straight from the kit box. Perfectly suited for low to medium grip track surfaces.

Mid Motor configuration places your motor in front of the driven rear axle. This configuration is good on high-grip surfaces such as astro turf, carpet and high-traction dirt. Your DEX210v3 can carry excellent corner speed and provide lots of off-power steering in this configuration.

Three or four gear configuration, allowing multiple tuning options straight from the kit box. Perfectly suited for medium to high grip track surfaces.

Your DEX210v3 can accommodate all race specification LiPo batteries in saddle, stick or shorty configurations. This means that not only will you be able to select from a wide range of batteries, but if you already own race specification batteries, they fit. Teamed with the ability to adjust your battery position for advanced weight distribution, your DEX210v3 has been designed to provide the perfect solution to owning mixed battery sizes. One car fits all.

Weight distribution tuning in seconds. Easy changes between homologated battery packs.

Accessing a tuning option that will have an immediate effect for on-power steering is made ultra-easy with the all-new Team Durango rear Multi-Axles. You can experience an increase or decrease in on-power mid-corner steering, by quickly switching Multi-Axle CVD mounting positions.

Quickly tune on-power steering response. React to changing track conditions between races easily. Precision engineered CVD Multi-Axle driveshafts for super-consistent rotating performance.

Balance and agility are integral design elements of the DEX210v3. You will experience an increase in your confidence every time you hit the track. Complicated tuning options can be easily understood due to the Team Durango mechanical engineers creating this premium 2WD race buggy to be a perfect compliment to less experienced racers and seasoned pros.

Hard anodised aluminium chassis plate for long-lasting durability. High-quality composite side-pods for easy electrical component fitting.

Crowned with a fully engineered polycarbonate body shell, designed to maximise protection and promote consistent handling through careful airflow management, your DEX210v3 looks fast, even on your pit table. A specially designed roof fin and spacious side pods mean you will easily accommodate your electronics whilst feeling the benefit of advanced aerodynamic performance. Racers can recognise a Team Durango race machine easily, the DEX210v3 continues that tradition in style.

Advanced aerodynamically designed body shell for consistent handling. Premium race machine looks and superior protection.

The DEX210v3 includes all-new 12mm front and rear wheel hex fittings, as well as a full set of 14mm units, straight from the kit box. This provides ultimate wheel choice flexibility, making it easy for you to run existing wheels you own, and quickly conform to pre-mounted control tyres if the competition dictates.

Wider range of wheel compatibility for hassle-free changes. O-ring captured hex pins for rapid wheel changes and no lost hardware.

When the track conditions change and you need to adjust how your DEX210v3 handles, fast and easy tuning configurations are minutes away. Adjustability of the front axles, front and rear castor and toe configurations, and vehicle ride height are fast and easy thanks to the simple tuning refinements available on your DEX210v3. When every second counts in the pits, take control of your tuning needs quickly.

Increase and decrease corner-entry steering response easily. Fast and easy tuning that allows progressive changes to suit the conditions. Stay ahead of the field in-between races by making 1mm incremental changes. Simple insert system allows easily repeatable set-ups.

Lap-after-lap, your DEX210v3 will be easy to drive and fast to repond. At the heart of the Patented Hybrid Gearbox assembly is a precision engineered ball differential, providing super-reliable operation in a wide variety of conditions. Your DEX210v3 can be easily adjusted to run a gear differential, for specific track surface tuning.

Precision ball diff assembly for increased traction and consistent handling. Fast and easy tuning with simple tools to adjust diff operation in the pits.

Hitting the track with confidence is made easy, no matter what race class you choose to challenge. Team Durango’s 12mm Big Bore shock absorbers provide ultra-smooth suspension operation on all surfaces, in all conditions. Easy to tune and responsive to oil and spring adjustments, these high-quality units will put you in control and soak-up the worst obstacles.

Threaded aluminium shock bodies for fast and precise ride height adjustments. Superior shock action and super-durable rod ends mean you can rely on consistent performance, lap after lap.

TDRC0012 – DEX210V3 1/10 2WD EP Buggy – $249.99

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