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Team Durango DEX210 2WD Buggy Prototype Pictures


The latest from Team Durango


Durango 2wd prototype breaks cover & will be raced at the “Petit” event in Kent this weekend.

The thinking behind the DEX210 is to be the first car where mid & rear motor mounting is possible from the same car, ensuring Durango owners can be sure to have the ideal layout whatever the track.

Private testing has already been carried out with various gearbox configurations & motor locations, but as always Durango like to test properly before finalising the design so off to the Petit race Gerd goes with his hand made car.

Name:  dex210_12-001.jpg Views: 1 Size:  118.5 KB

Name:  dex210_13-001.jpg Views: 1 Size:  134.9 KB

Name:  dex210_14-001.jpg Views: 1 Size:  142.1 KB

Name:  dex210_15.jpg Views: 1 Size:  72.6 KB

Name:  dex210_16-001.jpg Views: 1 Size:  111.7 KB


Name:  dex210_1-001.jpg Views: 0 Size:  95.9 KB

Name:  dex210_2.jpg Views: 0 Size:  50.1 KB

Name:  dex210_3.jpg Views: 0 Size:  58.0 KB

Name:  dex210_4.jpg Views: 0 Size:  51.6 KB

Name:  dex210_5.jpg Views: 0 Size:  61.4 KB

Name:  dex210_17.jpg Views: 0 Size:  71.7 KB


Name:  dex210_6.jpg Views: 0 Size:  63.9 KB

Name:  dex210_7-001.jpg Views: 0 Size:  91.4 KB

Name:  dex210_8-001.jpg Views: 0 Size:  83.1 KB

Name:  dex210_9.jpg Views: 0 Size:  58.0 KB

Name:  dex210_10-001.jpg Views: 0 Size:  87.5 KB

Name:  dex210-main-logo-01-hand-made_edited-1-001.jpg Views: 0 Size:  61.6 KB

Updated: July 20, 2015 — 3:06 PM

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