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Team Corally T-shirts and Hooded Sweatshirts


New from Team Corally:

These are brand new Team Corally T-shirts and Hooded Sweatshirts in the new color charcoal, also known as ‘Graphite’. You can get the Fruit of the Loom Team Wear in sizes from S to 3XL in T-shirts and from S to 2XL in Hooded Sweatshirts.

Both Team Wears come with a silver glitter Team Corally Logo printed in front and back.

#90110 Team Corally T-shirt – ‘Graphite’ – S
#90111 Team Corally T-shirt – ‘Graphite’ – M
#90112 Team Corally T-shirt – ‘Graphite’ – L
#90113 Team Corally T-shirt – ‘Graphite’ – XL
#90114 Team Corally T-shirt – ‘Graphite’ – 2XL
#90115 Team Corally T-shirt – ‘Graphite’ – 3XL

#90130 Team Corally Hooded Sweater ‘Graphite’ – S
#90131 Team Corally Hooded Sweater ‘Graphite’ – M
#90132 Team Corally Hooded Sweater ‘Graphite’ – L
#90133 Team Corally Hooded Sweater ‘Graphite’ – XL
#90134 Team Corally Hooded Sweater ‘Graphite’ – 2XL

Updated: January 7, 2011 — 3:01 PM
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