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  1. This ground up design is beautiful. AE has a hit!!

    1. cant wait to get my hands on one

  2. Looks very different. I hope it’s awesome.

  3. it wasnt such a BIG RELEASE because it was on the team associated website over an hour ago.

  4. Wow. Im impressed. I was hoping it would be more of a shaft drive, but i guess this works better.

  5. Yeah !!!

    Looks better than the Durango DESC410R and Losi Ten-SCTe

    Can’t wait to buy

  6. aaahhhhh yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh.
    it’s a kit, all new designs, being patient pays off
    price ?

  7. this truck looks awesome!!! Definitely thinking about buying this one!

  8. As soon as this awsome new vehicle is available I’ll be reviewing this against Nitro House’s Tim Bump 2.0 version of the hyper 10sc and the Jammin SCRT10

    See you soon,
    Jason Snyder

  9. Come on associated, belt drive? WTF? I have several associated vehicles that I love with the exception of that p.o.s sc10, which is the absolute biggest piece of junk AE ever made. So I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything less for the 4wd version! I’ll keep racing my rc8te, rc8e, and my t4.1, but I’m looking forward to sending the designers of this back to the drawing board when I’m stomping on it with my Team Durango DESC410R!!! Good luck with your off-road touring cars boys, your gonna need it!

    1. brad, is there a better 2wd sct than the sc10 ? nope
      the sc10 is based on your beloved t4.
      i’ll take you on the challenge vs the desc410R (tank)
      i’m sure when price is included i’ll be winning races with a sc10 4X4 far before you can afford your electronics with the too much aluminum durango (not that i don’t appreciate their design too) obviously you have more money than brains. or you don’t own any of what you say, which is probably the case. as well as wrap your mind around something new and maybe less simple.

      1. I gotta agree with Brad on this one, the SC10 sucks. BUT not so much for the handling, but for durability and lack of ground travel. Very little tracks I race are super smooth, and from the pics and vids there’s still not enough down travel.
        I wonder why they didn’t use a shaft like the TC3/TC4? I thought that was a great design.
        Well I hope it holds up better than my former SC10 (RIP). Nonetheless I look forward to seeing this car and others at my local track, but I’m not trading in my slash 4×4 for this one.

        1. the sc10 does not suck. your entitled to your opinion. for bashing a slash is great for racing a slash is good. it’s visa-versa for the sc10. how many slashes compete at the triple crown? top 3 places were sc10’s. yes, driving is everything. you can make your sc10 more durable

  10. make mine unassembled kit form please.

  11. 4×4 sc? kinda takes the fun out of it, i feel sc racing should be class that is restricted to 2wd , still ,nice job on the new chassis, a few nice touches on the drive line that give adjustable traction control , water tight sealed radio box would’ve been nice , adjustable integrated chassis weights would be good too , i guess with associated’s limited experience in rc car design they are bound to miss something, 😉

    1. i take back the water proof receiver box comment, it has one after all , hat and a baloon in the post

  12. Looks better than the desc410r? Man, your tripping, quit using the hallucinogenic drugs! I think it must be a early April fools joke!

    1. The DESC410R is an incredible, but i don’t like the chassis, because it can only use 25mm saddle pack (5200mah), and the 550 motors have a big power consumption , the DESC410R would be better with other chassis, the rest of the car is incredible

    2. Brad O’rant’n’rave,
      Didn’t say it looks better. The sc10 4×4 is far less money, it will be available in the states, and parts and support will be readily available. Yes the durango kit is pretty, also pretty heavy. I’m not a associated die hard, i’m a ingenuity die hard. The durango kit looks sweet, but not a reality for most in the hobby. it’ll be a grand to build the durango kit at least, that is “if” you can find one to buy. and bettery buy a bunch of replacements so you can be your own hobby shop.

  13. why god why! why belt drive? i love associated i would of expected belt drive from losi???? now i have to buy a slosi…. sad day in r/c 4 me!!!!! lol if they went belt they should have went 48 pitch to keep it quiet??? should of scaled down the sc8?! associated is handing the market to losi on a siver platter….. the 22,sctene,xxxtsc….whats next the 22 4×4?? ASSOCIATED PLEASE STEP UR GAME UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Being able to wrench from the top side is a huge plus. This truck shows promise and i hope that other trucks go with most of the screws accesible from the top. Instead of nit picking the belt drive look at the other things that make up this truck.

  15. I do love my t4.1, my rc8te, and even the rc8e, that I haven’t even ran yet! But my 2wd sc10 was such a pile of steaming crap, I stripped all my electrics from it bought a 2wd slash, put a lcg chassis on it and I’ve consistently podiumed since! I’m not saying people don’t have great success with their sc10’s, but I may have got the turd of sc10’s! I was looking forward to the 4wd version, but after the big unveiling, I think they should have just left veiled!

    1. what made your sc10 a pile? the actual platform is your “loved t4.1”. same transmission, same differential. very slight differences. And your ability to podium is not due to your slash (and it’s lcg chassis) it’s due to your driving ability and or your oponents lack there of. I also own a slash (and i love it), however after driving my dads bone stock brushed sc10, i changed to the sc10. slash = freight train (a very capable one), sc10 = butterfly (much more race capable than a slash). i think your experience with the sc10 is operator error. and you will make the same mistakes with your lcg slash, as it is proven to be slightly inferior. obviously durability leans toward slash. i’ve won races with both, and i’ve been beat by both. driving = 50 % , set-up + traction =45 % , make = 3%,
      luck = 2 %
      this was my actual experience, i think you will find this true for most racers who can understand it.

  16. yes, when i first read the belt drive thing i was like “wha”??
    then i read about it. sounds good to me. also goin all metric is a huge plus imo. also 12mm hex drive , another plus. i’ll thank associated publicly, and also with my hard earned money. read all the details, they didn’t just regurgitate another platform like most. they went all new, “something drastically different yet extremely capable”

  17. For some reason it reminds me of the Old Gold Tub RC10 4×4 conversion from MIP.

    It seems like they had to try and use as many existing parts as they could to make this. Similar to what Tamiya told David Jun to do when he designed the TLT.

    But it looks Pretty Kewl. It’s good to see another player in the 4×4 SCT class.

    1. John, as mentioned in the article, AE’s 4×4 is a ‘clean sheet design,’ meaning it shares zero parts with other vehicles in their lineup. Except for screws and possibly a spur gear, the rest of the truck is 100% new.

  18. I’ll be adding one to my stable for sure!

  19. Love the belt drive, IMO over complicated but has kick-azz wow factor and smooth running potental. The losi SCTE will be the big challange ?

    1. Hey don’t forget the OFNA, Jammin, and Slash 4X4, all very capable cars.

  20. Everything looks good, the only comment I have is that the battery looks like its a pain to get in and out.

  21. I hope it dosnt have metric and standard hardware if its all one type Im all for it. Sucks to have to use both when repairing your rig. Does anyone know if they change over to metric? Or are they still mixing it up?

  22. What if the belt drive get worn out or break down from high powered 550 motor? Would the clutch slipper get burned up from hitting full throttle ?

    1. i doubt it. i beleive they are running it with a 550 motor in the video. Associated has released their 550 power system (marketed for short course). so i’m sure the drive train can handle it. we’ll have to wait and see what it weighs (it looks light) if it’s light enough a good 540 motor will work fine too. and remember the belt drive is not driving the rear wheels

  23. When is it going to be available to ship?

  24. Read the specs, all the info is there. I think its a great design. I don’t see how they figure the belt is “less friction” but what it will do is keep it quieter, smoother, and absorb some BL torque shock from the drive train. The fact that it has an tensioner pulley to keep the belt adjusted as it stretches and wears is a nice jump over the belt drive road cars like the Traxxas 4Tec. I also like the integrated, and adjustable slipper between front and rear. How awesome is it to be able to transfer the power fore or aft simply by adjusting a nut rather than pulling the center diff and swapping out fluids over and over til its “good enough”? The built in shock bleeder, threaded body, color coded spring rates, all signs of a truck with thought and quality behind it. There are many more pluses but I’ll sum it up by saying, “Sign me up”!

  25. This looks Awesome! Ill take 2 for that price! I still may get the Losi for all around fun but this thing looks dialed for the track! At fist I was saying please no belt!! The more I think about it, this may just turn out to be super sick on the track! Get these out ASAP please 🙂

  26. What could be better? The new SC10 4×4, The older relessed Slash 4×4. or SCRT-10?
    i would like to see a battle on any tracks for these three great trucks.
    it will be awsome!!

    1. If you want to race and select your electronics, get the SC10 4×4

      If you want to bash and upgrade a lot, get the Slash 4×4

  27. SC10 4×4 is going to be sick. When is it going to be released?!?

  28. I preordered mine within minutes of watching the video. I’m very exctied and can’t wait to show these other 4wd’s trucks how it’s done!

  29. Short couse trucks don’t need aluminum chassis. But for Associated’s B4, B44 and T4 it would be better to have the aluminum chassis rather than a plastic one with chassis weights.

  30. Looks very different. I hope it’s awesome.
    Thank you for post..

  31. I still like the truck as I keep reading about it. What bothers me is the nay sayers that have no imagination. Boo hoo, the belts gonna wear out, wah, its all old parts on a new car. False and false. Its all brand new. I can’t see anything on it that’s been borrowed from another vehicle. Where did that comment come from? And the belt… what if it breaks during a run? Ever heard of maintenance? You should be doing it to every vehicle you run. It might be a different procedure then what your used to but it still has to be done. If the belt looks suspect, change it. Bearings blow out, parts snap off, tires wear out, it all happens. Why be worried about a belt? Its advertised as heavy duty and I’m sure they didn’t include it in their design to piss people off or create a weak link. Get over yourselves people! This truck is going to be awesome, period. Just accept it and maybe even buy one and enjoy it!

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