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TCS 5mm Chassis for HPI Savage Flux


This 5mm chassis is made out of stout 6061 aluminum and features recessed holes down to 2.5mm so there are no mods to make to a stock truck. I took off the stock plates and installed the new TCS plates without any difficulty. The quality of these plates is topnotch. All the edges are smooth and the holes are drilled in their exact location. The blue anodizing looks superb. Once everything was installed, the performance was the real test, and let me tell you, I put a beating on my truck. I went through two full sets of batteries; first, I was bashing around on a 4-cell setup, and then I moved onto a 6-cell setup. After a long, hard bash session, I had a stripped pinion gear, bent CVD and a wheel came flying off. But the chassis was mint. Kudos to TCS for making such a great product at the low price point of only $20. This is a must-have if you own a HPI Savage Flux.

Updated: December 16, 2010 — 9:02 PM
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