Traxxas Slash 2WD Kit 900x250

Tamiya TRF201 2WD Off-road Electric Buggy

Tamiya TRF201 2WD Off-road Electric Buggy

New from Tamiya:

The 1/10 scale electric powered 2WD buggy class is one of the most exciting categories of R/C competition today. Tamiya now proudly enters a new buggy chassis, the TRF201, to challenge that class all over the world!


  • Chassis with longitudinal battery layout.
  • Equipped with slipper clutch and ball differential.
  • Front and rear long-span suspension.
  • Front and rear aeration dampers.
  • Fitted with Wide Operation Angle (WO) universal shafts.
  • Specially-designed body and rear wing.

(Further details will be released at a later date.)


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