Tamiya The Grasshopper Mini

Tamiya The Grasshopper Mini

Tamiya The Grasshopper Mini Tamiya The Grasshopper Mini Tamiya The Grasshopper Mini

From Tamiya:
A4 size completed 2WD buggy that can be easily played with dry batteries

It is a completed electric RC car packed with a high-performance mechanism in a compact size of almost A4 size. RTR (Ready to Run) with a transmitter set in addition to the completed car body. Not only can you enjoy running immediately out of the box, but you can also use AA batteries as the running power source for about 60 minutes in normal mode. It can run for about 25 minutes in mode. The secret is a number of full-scale mechas packed in a small size. The body is made of durable polycarbonate with the image of a single-seater racing buggy. High performance that allows you to enjoy sufficient driving even on outdoor off-road circuits, including indoor driving, is also a big attraction.

Body composition packed with full-scale mechanics and fun

The frame is a lightweight and strong box type. Achieves a good balance and lower center of gravity by mounting on the rear end. Combined with the adjustable 4-wheel double wishbone suspension, it demonstrates high kinetic performance. After mounting the motor and gearbox on the rear end, it becomes a drive wheel Adopted a rear wheel two-wheel drive layout that applies load to the wheels. In addition, the drive part is full bearing, small and lightweight planetary type differential gear, and slipper clutch that protects the gear from big shocks such as jumps. , Universal shaft etc. are also standard equipment. The popular 1/10 basic buggy and glass hopper deformed body are made of lightweight and shock-resistant polycarbonate.

Basic specifications

Overall length 266mm, Overall width 181mm, Overall height 90mm
Wheel base 177mm
Tread = Front: 160mm, Rear: 155mm
Tire width / diameter = Front: 21 / 60.5mm Rear: 26 / 64mm
Frame = Reinforced resin box type
Drive Method = Horizontal motor rear drive
Diff gear = Planetary type gear diff
Steering = 3-split tie rod type
Suspension = Double wishbone 4-wheel independent
Gear ratio = 10.86: 1
Motor = 370 type
Speed controller = ESC specifications (TRE) -01 unit installed)
Minimum turning radius: 35cm
Standard continuous running time: Approximately 60 minutes in normal mode, approximately 25 minutes in power mode (using AA batteries)

Required separately

  • AA battery for travelling 4 alkaline batteries or 4 AA nickel hydrogen batteries Neo Champ and dedicated charger, Tamiya LF1100-6.6V Racing Pack (M size) and dedicated charger
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries for transmitter

In addition to the completed car body, a full set with a wheel trigger type transmitter that is ideal for maneuvering the car.

A compact two-wheel drive chassis of almost A4 size packed with authentic mecha.

The rear end is equipped with a 370 motor that is easy to handle and has a long running time. The sealed gearbox has a built-in planetary differential and slipper clutch.

Double wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension equipped with coil springs. The upper arm is adjustable using a screw shaft.

A light 5-spoke wheel equipped with rib tires with excellent directional stability.

The rear tire is a spike type that demonstrates sufficient grip on off-road roads.

Equipped with a TRE-01 unit that integrates a receiver and ESC (electronic speed controller).

It can run on 4 AA alkaline batteries. Tamiya LF1100-6.6V Racing Pack (M size) can also be used.

The wheel trigger type transmitter has an easy-to-use configuration in which the power switch, trim dial, servo reverse switch, etc. are integrated into one panel.

Equipped with a speed adjustment button on the back of the transmitter that allows you to switch between normal and power speeds with a single push.

The size of the grip and trigger can be changed by attaching and detaching the parts.

The power supply for the transmitter uses 4 AA alkaline batteries (sold separately).

Uses a window package that allows you to see the machine well.
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Tamiya The Grasshopper Mini Tamiya The Grasshopper Mini Tamiya The Grasshopper Mini Tamiya The Grasshopper Mini Tamiya The Grasshopper Mini Tamiya The Grasshopper Mini Tamiya The Grasshopper Mini Tamiya The Grasshopper Mini

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