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The 2WD Blackfoot III monster truck is the fifth generation Tamiya RC vehicle to use the famous Blackfoot name. It features metal-plated parts for the accent pieces. The reinforced polycarbonate monocoque chassis allows easy access to the main components and also allows maintenance of the gearbox to be simple and easy. The gearbox comes pre-assembled from the factory, making it perfect for beginner kit builders. The gearbox used is also the same one used in other famous Tamiya vehicles such as the Wild Willy II, Wild Dagger and the Twin Detonator. The 2WD transmission and four-wheel double wishbone suspension offers sure-footed handling over almost any terrain.

Specifications and Features 

1/10 scale RC assembly kit.

>Tamiya TEU-104BK ESC included. (Forward and reverse with battery safety cut-off)Note: Radio gear, battery, charger are required and available separately.

> Reinforced polycarbonate monocoque frame chassis allows easy access and maintenance of the gearbox without the need to disassemble the chassis.

> Gearbox comes pre-assembled, making it perfect for those who are new to kit building in the RC hobby

> 2WD rear mounted transmission

> Equipped with dog-bones and plastic bushings for moving parts. (5×11 bearings may be used as a Hop-Up)

>The four-wheel double wishbone suspension is equipped with front and rear friction dampers

> Comes with front & rear large diameter (130mm) tires

> The truck body has been reproduced with durable ABS resin plastic. Tamiya PS (Polycarbonate Spray paint made from synthetic lacquer) is best suited to paint your truck

> 540 brushed type motor included

> Comes with a driver figure


RC Car Action spoke with Tamiya America’s Fred Medel to get the scoop on this new release in an iconic lineup:



RC Car Action: What prompted the creation of a new Blackfoot truck?


Fred Medel: Tamiya has always had success in all of the Blackfoot releases with good sales and fan enjoyment. As you know, the original was one of those products in the early days that introduced many to the world of RC. The original also helped spawn the creation of the aftermarket industry in radio control too. It was at least one of those many products that inspired individuals to start up companies that specialized in aftermarket support. We’ve had four products with the Blackfoot name: the original Blackfoot, Super Blackfoot, King Blackfoot and the Blackfoot Extreme. I’m sure your readers are asking, “Wouldn’t this be the 5th truck?” The reason we’ve called this new product the Blackfoot III is due to it being the third kit using the original “step-side” body. Tamiya felt it was time to bring back the step side body after a long absence.




RCCA: Will there a re-release of the original Blackfoot to coincide with the latest Blackfoot III?


FM: Unfortunately not, but a original re-release with some updated parts, very much like the original Frog, is something we really want to see come to light. Every time we forecast for new products the original Blackfoot is near the top of the list.



RCCA: The Blackfoot III is actually the fifth truck to bear the name; what are the others and when were they released?



> The original Blackfoot (item no. 58058; released 1986)

> Super Blackfoot (58110; December 1992)

> King Blackfoot (58192; released July 1997)

> Blackfoot Extreme (58312; released December 2003)

> Blackfoot III (58498; released August 2011)



RCCA: Given the platform used for the Blackfoot III was there any consideration given to going 4WD?


FM: I’m sure there was given the chassis is from the Wild Dagger, which is a dual motor and dual gear case design. However, making it 4WD would have made the cost go up and we wanted to keep the price point as low as possible.



RCCA: Any chance we’ll see a Monster Beetle on this platform?

FM: I’m not sure about that, but it is possible. I personally would like to see re-release of the original spec Monster Beetle with our updated dog bone drivetrain.

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Updated: July 7, 2011 — 10:30 AM


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  1. Just in case the Tamiya guys are reading this I want to say that I too would buy a re-release blackfoot and or beetle. I e-mailed them before and said that if they did the frog or the brat I would buy those, and I did…both. Long live Tamiya

  2. I’m a huge Tamiya fan I love my Highlift, CR-01, Wild Willys , CC-01 trucks and my Midnight Pumpkin. So I find this news great!! I would have love to see it on the Super Blackfoot Chassis, but this will be great since there are all kinds of hop ups for the Wild Dagger type or trucks. Also many of us will modify them into what ever we really want anyways. I think that is the best part of own Tamiya trucks, their detail lends it self to be modified in to just about anything you can imagine.

  3. Love the body, not the chassis. This chassis was old when I got a Blackfoot Xtreme over 6 years ago. Performance-wise, it’s the one of the least attractive on the market right now. The original was better. Release the body, original decals, and front suspension components and I’ll buy a Frog just to build a “Real” Blackfoot.

  4. the mistakes were not about the vehicle, they were just grammar mistakes. lol.

    1. Are you still seeing mistakes, Jason? We often rush to put these press releases up quickly in an effort to get you, the audience, the information. We then go back and edit out any mistakes we find. It’s a balance. We, of course, want the information to be correct and easy to read, but we also don’t want to lose any time.

  5. The promo video playing in my local hobby shop of the tamiya line of rc vehicles was what inspired me to buy my first hobby grade rc truck.I bought the original blackfoot and was king of my neighborhood.Tamiya continues to provide rc fun for all of us today.

  6. I really like Tamiya products. The engineering and tolerances are impeccable. The Hiilux Highlift, CR-01 Unimog, Midnight Pumpkin, Clodbuster. How can you say these products hurt the RC industry? These are fun durable trucks that take a beating. I am happy to see the BlackFoot re-released and look forward to other kits coming out of mothballs. With technology advancements in the RC industry it will make the old war horses stand out even more. I for one look forward to the release of this model. Thank You Tamiya!

  7. Thank you , Joana Jameson . Your responses was spot on . Good job.

  8. I would love to see a re-release of the original Black Foot & Monster Beetle. I can’t quite understand why they has to be modified with new dogbones. I had none problems with mine back in the days. In fact, I still have my Mud Blaster, which was practically tortured in every thinkable manner. And still, here it is today, in one piece. Nothing were broken. Well, exept the body shell. 😛 But even with several modifications I welcome any reissue of the original chassis. Please, Mr.Tamiya, give us the pleasure of bashing around with brand new BF’s and MB’s! The BF III is kind of good news, but it’s an reinvention with a classic body, not an re-release. Therefore, I wouldn’t buy one. Nice one for the kids, though.

  9. Matthew,

    Excellent reply to Dave’s comment. I’ve been an RC enthusiast for 20 years and actually had many of those 1st gen Tamiya cars. Truth be told I had more track/dirt/street time with those than any Kyosho, Traxxas or AE car/ truck I’ve ever owned. They were fun to work on, affordable and took a beating! Of course I replaced many hex drives and eventually went to dog bones from RED for my Blackfeet!

    1. Thanks, Russell.

  10. A magazine would not be worht anything if they didn’t cover all the manufactures that are out in the market place. Thank you RCCA for covering all aspects of the industry.
    If you’re a fan boy of Losi and Traxxas that’s awesome. You’re entitled to enjoy those products that make you happy. To say Tamiya has hurt the industry is completely innacurate. #1. They make the most diverse product line of hobby products bar none (paints, tools, educational kits, begginer R/C kits, plastic models, finishing supplies and high end on-road race kits. Again, there may not be anything you like from Tamiya, but that’s you. It’s obvious, based on the two companies you mentioned, you like off-road RTR trucks. They specialize in RTR and American looking trucks. Tamiya does not. They specialize in begginer kits, scale realism and everything else mentioned above.
    #2 If it were not for Tamiya the industry as you know it would not exist.
    Thank you RCCA for not letting your biggest advertisers dictate what you choose to cover. Bravo!

    1. Thanks, Joana

  11. While talking re-releases, any word on when the Fast Attack is coming out? It is on Tamiya’s site but no date yet. My original still runs but I would love a new one that I would not feel bad beating up.

    1. We’ll look into that for you, Tom

  12. Win. so glad that finally there is a new blackfoot Way to Go Tamiya the best Japanese company Period

  13. Why would anyone buy this? Are spare parts going to be easy to acquire? Is the performance going to on par with Losi and Traxxas offering? History tells us no.

    Honestly, I really wished RCCA stopped covering Tamiya all together. IMO, Tamiya has done more to hurt the RC industry than to help it (at least in America).

    I bet if you put it up to a poll most readers would agree.

    1. I really doubt people would agree and I’ve never heard anyone say that Tamiya has hurt the hobby. This is an up to date chassis and not hard to find parts for.

  14. Did someone say ‘Monster Beetle’, I would pre-order one now (ha i would order 3 actually lol) if they remake the original with dogbone axles, my poor original Beetle never had a chance with those awful hex-drives, i killed them the first time I used it.

  15. Hey Matt, what’s up with all the mistakes in the article? Lol.

    1. If you found a mistake, please let me know.

  16. That’s awesome! (Nice Job Matt on grabbing a hold of this one!) I too would like to see the re-release of the Monster Beetle. I love my original, but like any other Tamiya Beetle owner, you can only drive it now and then. I think a “daily runner” would be a great addition to my collection, along side a lot of fellow Tamiya enthusiast. — Message to Fred Medel: “Re-release Tamiya Monster Beetle!…. Please 🙂 🙂 (~) I know you guys can…. all the “parts” are there 🙂 (~)
    – Chris Oswald ( R/C Car Action Blog Author)

    1. Everyone wants a Monster Beetle. They just need to let Tamiya know. Personally, I’d like to see the Monster Beetle body on this chassis. I love the re-releases, but I’d also like one I could modify and bash the tar out of. Add some bearings, new shocks and a mild brushless system to this chassis and you can have some real backyard fun.

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