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Tailpipe January 2019 – “Spot the ‘Shop'”

Tailpipe January 2019 – “Spot the ‘Shop'”

Here’s all the changes we made to the Tailpipe photo:

1. Longer sideburns

2. Car Action logo on van

3. Truck behind arm has vanished

4. Grew a mustache

5. Added a wristwatch

6. Tube of grease is now a tube of Pringles

7. Hat cord disappeared

8. Added a skull ring

9. Pliers added to bench top

10. Wrench on rag disappeared

Muchas gracias to MIP’s Matt Olsen for playing along–that ‘stache suits you, bro. See what Matt’s up to at Matt Olsen Designs (modspeedshop.com), and MIP (miponline.com)


Updated: October 16, 2018 — 2:45 PM
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