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We Need More Solid Axle Monster Trucks!

We Need More Solid Axle Monster Trucks!

I think it’s safe to say that most people love full-size monster trucks; they are larger than life and are full of destruction and who doesn’t like destruction. For me it’s all about the look of the truck and how it works; watching the suspension links moving, the shocks compressing, hearing that engine roar and […]
Pro-Line: “Name This Tire!”

Pro-Line: “Name This Tire!”

We don’t usually consider manufacturer promotions to be news-worthy, but this one seems like a lot of fun. Pro-Line has a new tire on the way for the Traxxas Summit, and the only feature it’s missing is a name. If you provide the nom-de-knob that makes Pro-Line say “that’s it!”, they’ll tool the name into […]

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