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ST Racing Concepts OFNA Hyper 10SC 4×4 Option Parts Sneak Peek


Center Plate


ST Racing Concepts sent us this exclusive sneak peak of their upcoming option parts for the OFNA Hyper 10SC 4×4 Short Course Truck. Look for the official press release next week, and enjoy these CAD drawings for now.

Name:  CenterBulkhead-001.jpg Views: 0 Size:  59.3 KB


Name:  Front Brace and plate-001.jpg Views: 0 Size:  121.4 KB

Front Brace and plate

Name:  Rear Brace and Mount-001.jpg Views: 0 Size:  61.3 KB

Rear Brace and Mount

Name:  STO21017 Hex Adapters Front and Rear-001.jpg Views: 0 Size:  82.2 KB

Hex Adapters Front and Rear

Name:  STO21037 Delrin Center Spur Gear-001.jpg Views: 0 Size:  71.2 KB

Delrin Center Spur Gear   Name:  STO21121 Front Shock Tower-001.jpg Views: 0 Size:  76.7 KB

Front Shock Tower

Name:  STO21122 Rear Shock Tower-001.jpg Views: 0 Size:  81.4 KB

Rear Shock Tower

Updated: January 6, 2011 — 8:00 PM
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