Spy Shots Of Traxxas Robby Gordon Body

Spy Shots Of Traxxas Robby Gordon Body

Some readers tipped us off to this new body that appeared on Speed Energy Drink’s Facebook page. Traxxas is a sponsor of Robby Gordon and it appears that they have a new body in the works, most likely for the Slash platform.

Does this mean that Traxxas has an all new vehicle in the works, or is it going to be just a new body release? Post your thoughts below!

[nggallery id=902]

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Updated: July 21, 2015 — 4:05 PM


  1. Yeah i would love that body get it on sale i well want it, better not be that pricey either

  2. You rock! You are ALMOST as dreamy as Sebastian!

  3. I like it. Depending on the price, I’d get one.

  4. A new body set and wheel color seems to be how Traxxas innoviates their 2WD short course offerings lately. The 2WD slash was released in 2008. Considering it shared many of its parts with the Rustler, Stampede and Bandit the platform is a little long in the tooth. I would love to see Traxxas REVOlutionlize their 1/10th scale 2WD short course platform, lower the center of gravity.

  5. @ Jeff yes you have a good point, we’ll make sure to phrase it differently next time.

    Gordon’s ride is definitely modified so it is hard to pin point what production car it is modeled after.

  6. I believe everything from the grill back on the Dakar Hummer is Robby Gordons own race shop design. And technically Hummer doesnt exist as a brand anymore. So it makes sense that the team would license the design of the body, but omit the Hummer likeness.
    That said, the grill decal does have the hummer-esque pattern, and the light decals that look a lot like his current trophy truck. Which is a “Chevrolet”. I use the quotes because its only identifiable by the bow tie. It looks nothing like a current Chevy production truck.
    Check out Robby’s website for the pics if you want to see what i am talking about.

  7. that dont even look like an h3 like robby gordons

  8. Does it count as a “spy shot” if it’s actually posted on the Speed Facebook page? That seems more like a picture. Not so much with the James Bond spy shots

  9. I want one! Awesome…..

  10. looks like the h-3

  11. I wanna see SOMEONE produce a 69 Dodge Charger body for the slash… so I can send it airborne with a set of Hazzards on it!!

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  13. Thats kind of ugly…

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